Are you still waiting for your parcel to be delivered from Yodel, if yes then you can have the update by calling Yodel contact number 0844 755 0117. You can not only have the details for the parcel, you can also have the information from their Yodel customer service for the reporting issues, business services, shipping rates, packing advice.

Yodel contact number

0844 755 0117

Yodel offer both residential and business shipping services within the UK and abroad as well. The company provides four types of shipping service and you can call at the yodel customer service number 0844 755 0117 to make a choice from these services. You can expect prompt replies to your queries and doubts related to tracking and delivery.

Customer service: 0844 755 0117
CEO: Michael Cooper (Feb 1, 2016–)


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How to contact Yodel customer service?

If you have any query or doubt, you can either call at the mentioned customer service number or you can also write it down and send them to Yodel customer care address, make sure you have added the personal contact details in the letter so that the customer care executives can contact you easily. You can mail them at the following address –


Second Floor

Atlantic Pavilion

Albert Dock



L3 4AE

The Yodel customer support team will help you out in the following things –

  • Delivery Queries
  • Leaving parcels with neighbours.
  • Tracking Queries.
  • Collecting parcels.
  • Collecting for someone else.
  • Identification required for the collection of the parcel.
  • Times of deliveries.


How to track the delivery?

It is easy to track your deliveries on, all you need is to enter the parcel reference number and postcode in the tracking box. The tracking system will show whether the parcel has been received at Yodel service centre and also if it has been dispatched for the delivery. If you are having a tough time doing all this, then you can get in touch with the Yodel customer service team at 0844 755 0117, one of the executives will help you in offering you the latest details regarding the delivery of your parcel.

What are Yodel Contact Tips?

While having a chat with the customer support staff, make sure you have all the information ready that includes the tracking number, your credit card, and the identification used for making the purchase. If you still have some doubts or have some query, Yodel customer support executives are there to help you out. Make sure you have dialed Yodel contact number 0844 755 0117 to have a word with one of the customer care executives.

If it is possible, avoid calling the support team during the peak hours i.e. Monday through Friday 8 am to 7 pm, on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Sunday is a holiday and the centre is also closed on all holidays.

Yodel Customer Service

0844 755 0117

Is there a provision of web chat?

Yes, Yodel does offer chat system. This service is free and the web chat helps you to have a chat with the customer support staff to have updates regarding your products, rates, and their delivery status of your parcel.

What is a Yodel Calling Card?

If due to some reason you are unable to collect your parcel, the driver will leave two types of calling cards, entirely depending on the services used –

  • Orange Card – This card implies that you need to select some other day to collect the parcel via visiting the page.
  • Green Card – This card will be having the number of the driver and he/she can be contacted until 9 pm.

Dial yodel phone number 0844 755 0117 to have a word with Yodel service executive to know more about the Yodel Calling Card.

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What about the Delivery Signatures?

If there is no requirement for the sigture for the parcel and you are not at home, the driver will give your parcel to your neighbor. He/she will also post a card via your letterbox to let you know as for where the parcel is.

Does Yodel have service centre?

You also have the provision of collecting your parcel from one of Yodel’s service centre. Yodel is currently having more than 50 service centre in the UK. You have to inform at Yodel customer support number 0844 755 0117 and give them at least 24 hours notice so that they don’t make any attempt to deliver your parcel. You will need certain things while you are collecting your parcel from their service centre such as – the calling card and some ID proof such as passport and driving licence. You can also ask one of your friends to collect the parcel on your behalf. If your friend is coming over to collect the parcel, then he/she should bring the calling card and their own photographic ID.

What is Yodel Complaint Phone Number?

Yodel customer support staff is capable of handling varied issues efficiently and professionally. In the event of any complaint, you have different options such as email, phone, or post to register your complaint. You can dial Yodel contact number 0844 755 0117 and can have a conversation with the support executive regarding the issue. You can also write your complaints in a letter and send it to the following postal address –

Yodel Customer Care

Second Floor

Atlantic Pavilion

Albert Dock

L3 4AE

You have the option of sending your queries or complaints through email as well. For that, you need to visit and fill up the online form.

What if Yodel hasn’t collected the parcel?

You will be provided a specific time in which the parcel was to be collected, make sure you have checked if the time has expired prior to calling Yodel customer support number 0844 755 0117. If this is the exact case, then you need to rebook the collection and a Yodel driver will be collecting as per your convenience.

Is it possible to change the delivery address of the parcel?

Yes, there are some Yodel parcel services that allow you to make arrangements in the delivery address on rearranging the parcel and after the driver has left their calling card.

How do I view my Yodel bill online?

If you want to contact Yodel Billing department to have a better comprehension and want to view the bill within your online account, you can get in touch with the customer support staff at Yodel contact number 0844 755 0117. You will be greeted with one of their customer support executives who will help you understand and assist you in resolving your entire Yodel billing issues.

How can you cancel YodelDirect collection?

If you are a YodelDirect customer and you are having an account, all you need is to simply login to your account and you can make a selection for the parcel you are interested in altering the details. Instead, you can also opt to chat with one of the Yodel customer support executives at Yodel contact number 0844 755 0117. The executive will give you more information about the YodelDirect and other things related to it.

How much time will it take for the parcel to be delivered overseas?

Expect the parcel to get delivered between 5-8 days but it may take few extra days for the faraway places. Whenever you will book a parcel collection, you will be provided with the expected delivery date.

How to contact Yodel through social media?

Yodel can also be contacted through social media –

Twitter – @Yodelonline




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