How To Fix Vodafone Sure Signal 3G Signal Transmission Problem?

Troubleshoot Vodafone Sure Signal device

First of all check for the following symptoms if your device is not transmitting 3G signal:

  • Vodafone “Sure Signal 1” Device:

  1. You will see the lights one and two are solid that means your device is connected but it is not sending the 3G signals.

sure signal not picking up 3g signal

  1. Either the fourth light will glow occasionally or will not glow at all.

sure signal 3 lights

  • Vodafone “Sure Signal 2” Device:

  1. The system and power lights on your device are both solid, demonstrating that the device is giving the 3G signals.

sure signal not working,

  1. Your phone that is registered with the Sure Signal is not receiving a 3G signal.

  • Vodafone “Sure Signal 3” Device:

  1. All the lights such as power, internet and service are glowing solid but the “in use” light is either flashing or solid.

vodafone sure signal no power light

  1. The registered phones do not receive the 3G signal.

Follow the troubleshooting methods given below:


First and foremost thing you have to do is check whether your broadband connection meets the minimum requirements or not. If your connection is keep on failing then you need to contact your internet service provider.

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The second thing required is to check for planned maintenance. If your device is not maintained properly then it may lead to improper functioning of your Sure signal device.


Reset your Sure Signal device by following the instructions given below:

  • Hold the “reset” button on your sure signal device until you see all the lights go solid.

vodafone sure signa

  • Now unplug the power cable while the reset button is still pushed in.

vodafone sure signal stopped working

  • Keep on holding the “reset” button and reconnect the power cables at the same time.

  • Wait until all the lights are illuminated and after that you have to release the reset button.

vodafone sure signal v3 not working

  • Your device will be connected to your broadband in about an hour.


You have to perform a Pathping to the Vodafone server in order to check if the sure signal device is able to communicate with the company’s NTP server. For this you need to open the command prompt option.

  • For Windows 7/Vista: Go to the “Start” menu and enter “cmd” in the search bar.

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sure signal not transmitting 3g signal

  • For Windows XP: Go to the “Start” menu, choose option “Run”, and then type: cmd and press the “Enter” button.

vodafone sure signal no power light

  • After that you have to right click the result and then select “Run As Administrator”.

  • Once the command prompt option is opened, enter the PathPing as

If still your Vodafone Sure Signal device is not transmitting 3G signal, then contact the Vodafone customer service representative. For that you need to call on the Vodafone contact number: 03333 040 191.

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