Vanquis Contact Phone Number

Vanquis Bank Customer Service Contact Phone Number

If you want to get in touch with Vanquis Bank, the easiest way to do it by dialling Vanquis contact number 0330 099 3000. You can have more information about the services offered by Vanquis by having a word with one of their customer support representatives. Rest assured that for all your queries, you will be offered prompt resolutions.

Vanquis Contact Number

0330 099 3000

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Vanquis Bank is a well-known UK-based bank. The bank offers you a line of credit as per your needs and requirements. As a new customer, you can start off with an easy to handle credit limit between £150 and £1,000. The bank also deals in credit cards as well and the application process for Vanquis Bank Visa Credit Card is quite simple. You just need to fill up an online application form to apply for the credit card. You don’t need to pay anything for applying and in the event, you get an approval; you don’t have to pay the annual fee as well.

Vanquis Bank Customer Service Contact Phone Number, Telephone number of Vanquis Bank Customer services

How to contact Vanquis customer support team?

Vanquis customer support team is always there to resolve all your queries and doubts. The team has years of experience and they are well-versed with all the details and information you might be looking for. So, whether you are an existing customer or you want to become a customer, you can get in touch with the customer service team of Vanquis and they will assist you with your queries.

Vanquis Bank Customer Service Contact Phone Number

Vanquis customer support team can be contacted through different methods. By dialling Vanquis contact number 0330 099 3000, you can get in touch with one of the executives who will take your queries and will offer a resolution then and there. If you wish to send your queries via post, you can send them at the following address –

Vanquis Visa Card

Customer Services

PO Box 399



You also have the option of email where you can have a quick resolution to your queries. You can send your queries and complaints at You can also get in touch with Vanquis Bank via following social media platforms –

YouTube –

LinkedIn –

Who can apply?

You can apply even if you have been declared bankrupt, you are having poor credit, minimum wage earner, divorced, or you have County Court judgment against you. If you are new to the UK or you are interested in making improvements to your credit ratings, you can have the assistance of Vanquis customer service advisors by dialling vanquis contact number 0330 099 3000.

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Vanquis will also check your credit score with the help of three companies – Equifax, Call Credit, and Experian. If you are having low credit score, you won’t be able to have a new card. If you wish to discuss your case, make sure you dial Vanquis customer service number.

How to manage an account with Vanquis Bank?

If you wish to use their internet banking service, registering with eVanquis is a hassle proof process. You can easily check your transactions by having an online statement and you can also make a balance enquiry. SMS account management is also possible.

Is it possible to use Vanquis Bank Visa Account online immediately on registration?

Yes, the moment you have registered yourself for Vanquis Bank Visa Account, you will get a ‘Registration Successful’ message and you will be prompted to sign in to your account. After that, you will be needed to enter the following details –

  • Last Name.
  • Memorable Word.
  • Internet ID.
  • Passcode (For this, you will have to enter 2 random numbers from your passcode).

All these information are case sensitive and if you want any information regarding this, you can get in touch with Vanquis customer support team by dialling 0330 099 3000.

Vanquis Bank Customer Service Contact Phone Number

Is the eVanquis website secure?

Rest assured that your personal and financial details are safe with Vanquis Bank. Their website undergoes various security tests which confirm the security of the site.


Is it possible to report lost or damaged credit card online?

If your credit card has been lost, damaged, or stolen, make sure you have immediately dialled Vanquis customer support number 0330 099 3000. One of the customer support executives will assist and guide you what you need to do in these circumstances.

What is Vanquis card activation number?

If you are looking to activate your Vanquis credit card, make sure you get in touch with the customer support representative by dialling vanquis contact number 0330 099 3000. Once your application gets accepted, the bank will send your new card along with the welcome pack at your address. The customer support team should be contacted to confirm the receipt and getting your card activated. One of the customer support executives will help you out in this.

You can get in touch with the customer service team of Vanquis at 0330 099 3000 if you are going through financial difficulties. If you are having a tough time paying your bill, the customer support team will see how they can help you and they will also make your aware of the options you have.

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What is Vanquis complaint number?

If you have any grievance or complaint, make sure you have dialled Vanquis complaint number 0330 099 3000 for that. They will listen to all your complaints patiently and will also offer a solution for them. If you want to send your complaints via post, then their address is –

Customer Action Team


PO Box 399


You can also send all your complaints at Once the complaint department has received your email, they will immediately contact you and offer a resolution to all your complaints.

What if you forgot the Passcode?

You don’t need to worry if you have forgotten your Passcode. When you are at the login page, you need to click on the ‘Forgotten Your Passcode’ and you will find it towards the left-hand side of the page. On reaching the page, following are the steps you need to follow –

  • You will need to enter your personal and Vanquis Bank Visa Card details.
  • Secondly, you will need to enter your Memorable Word.
  • Thirdly, you have to reset the Passcode and it is usually of 5 numbers.

Does Vanquis charge for withdrawing cash?

If you are making a withdrawal from an ATM that displays VISA sign, you will be charged 3%. You will also be charged if you are using your Vanquis card abroad. If you want to know more about this, you can call vanquis contact number 0330 099 3000 and can have a word with one of the Vanquis customer support executives.

How can I apply for a credit increase with Vanquis?

Vanquis Bank is always there for you and they will do all that it takes to help you out. The bank also offers credit increase when you successfully maintain your current limit for a minimum period of five months or more. In order to qualify for an increase, you will have to stay well within your limit and you will also need to spend wisely. Make sure you know that you won’t receive an increase by just fulfilling the criteria.

How to close Vanquis account?

If you want to cancel or close your Vanquis account, you will have to get in touch with Vanquis contact number 0330 099 3000. Once you get in touch with one of the support executives, you can pay off your outstanding bills using their assistance and he/she will assist you in cancelling your account.

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