Swiftcover Car Insurance Contact Number

swift car insurance contact number

For all your queries related to car insurance, claims or home insurance you can call Swiftcover contact number to speak to the Swiftcover customer service representative. If you are in search of the top rated and genuine Swiftcover car insurance contact number then this site will help you in it.

  • Swiftcover Address: 74 Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey KT11 1HY
  • Swiftcover Contact Number: 0844 385 1111
  • Swiftcover Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, Saturday, 9am to 5pm, Sunday, 10am to 4pm

We provide you the number to contact Swiftcover customer service. Coming to the number, customers can get their problems solved 24*7 by dialling the Swiftcover contact number  This number is available on daily basis and one can get in touch with the insurance advisors anytime. So in case of any problem, feel free to give a call on this swiftcover customer service contact number.  Standard rates plus your phone provider’s access charge will be applied by calling on this number.

Swiftcover contact number

0844 385 1111

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

Department Contact Number
Swiftcover Customer Service 0844 385 1111
Swiftcover Car Insurance Policy Cancellations 0330 024 6423
Swiftcover Car Insurance No Claims Discount 0330 024 6408
Swiftcover Car Insurance Claims 0371 984 3333
Swiftcover Car Insurance Payments 0330 024 6409
Swiftcover Car Insurance Claims 0330 024 6399
Emergency Breakdown Assistance 0800 107 7006
Swiftcover Home Insurance Cancellations 0330 024 6423
Swiftcover Home Insurance Claims 0330 024 8092
Swiftcover Home Insurance Payments 0330 024 6427
Swiftcover Home Insurance Family Protection 0330 024 8076
Swiftcover Home Insurance Identity Theft 0330 024 8077
 Outside UK 00 44189 250 0169

Swiftcover customer service

If you are looking for your car insurance quote or you have any other related queries, you can call Swiftcover customer service number . One of the customer support executives will take your call and will help you resolve all your queries related to car insurance.

Founded in 2005, Swiftcover is one of the popular and trusted insurers in the UK. It is the first insurance company in the UK allowing its consumers to take a print of their car insurance certificate.

Where most of the competitors are dependent on both telephone and the internet to sell their insurance, Swiftcover is the only company using the internet as its main source of business. Being an online company, you have the advantage of doing everything online and in the case of any issue, you also have well-versed customer support staff to help you out with your queries, all you need is to dial .

What are the services offered by Swiftcover?

Initially, the company started with offering car insurance services online, but later on, it started other services as well, including –

  • Pet insurance.
  • Van insurance.
  • Breakdown coverage.
  • Private medical insurance.
  • Motorbike insurance.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Home insurance.

What is the importance of Car Insurance?

Swiftcover offers car insurance that offers protection against the uninsured drivers while you are driving on the roads. They also provide you with a courtesy car while your car is being fixed or repaired. The company also have you covered in case your car gets hit by an uninsured driver. All you need is to contact  and inform the customer support team about the make, model, and the number plate of the car that hit you and leave the rest up to Swiftcover.

How to contact Swiftcover?

If you have any query or doubt related to your car insurance, van insurance, home insurance, and breakdown cover you can get in touch with Swiftcover customer service phone number to have a resolution for your queries. Aside from calling, you can also write down your grievances or issues and post them at the following address –


74 Portsmouth Road



KT11 1HY

United Kingdom

If you want to email your issues then you can send them at

How to file claims?

For your convenience, the claim line is open around the clock. When you call, make sure you have your policy number and it should be shared with the agent. Swiftcover contact number can also be used to for reporting accidents, breakdown claims, car crime and more. You can also use this number to inform any incident related to insurance products like theft of property. Make sure you have reported such incidents as soon as possible in order to start the process of reimbursement.

If any point of time you want to check the status of a claim, you can call 0871 976 2530 to have a word with the customer service representative and he will provide you all the updates. The amount of time it takes to process a claim can differ, depending on different elements. If your car has met with an accident, an investigation is necessary. Make sure you have contacted the company immediately after an accident has taken place, if possible contact while you are at the scene of the accident. The customer support executive will take your call and assign someone to find out who was actually at fault.

Swiftcover van insurance contact number

0844 385 1111

Why is Van Insurance important?

Swiftcover Van insurance is provided by AXA Insurance UK plc. Whether you are using your van for personal use or for commercial use, you can rest assured that there is a service that suits your needs and budget. You get to save 10% when you purchase the policy online. There are chances you may be provided with an introductory discount if you are buying Van Insurance for the first time.

Comprehensive van cover includes –

  • Minor repairs done at your location.
  • Coverage for wrong fuel.
  • Coverage for the music systems and the navigation systems.
  • Around the clock windscreen and clock window repairs.
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs.
  • Up to £250 cover for passenger medical expenses.
  • Provision of a courtesy van while your van gets repaired.

What is the contact number for Swiftcover complaint section?

The complaint handling team of Swiftcover is highly professional and you can expect a resolution of your issue within 48 hours. The complaint section can be contacted through different methods if you feel comfortable calling, . Another method is visiting personally the nearest office in order to have quick assistance. You can also send an email at –

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What is Swiftcover Contact Number for Car Insurance Finance and Payments?

If you have queries or doubts regarding car insurance payments and methods, then you can dial Swiftcover customer service number . The customer support representatives will answer all your queries related to credit or debit card setup needed for your account, application, and cancellation fees choosing an automatic renewal for your car insurance policy. You can also send your payment queries by visiting this page

Swiftcover home insurance contact number

0844 385 1111

How to claim Swiftcover home insurance?    

There is nothing worse than hit by a natural catastrophe, it can be due to weather conditions or due to home burglary. With Swiftcover home insurance you aptly have the cover you would have wished for. You get to make a choice from two options – Swift More and Swift Made. In case you have any doubt or query about the home insurance, you can reach out to the Swiftcover customer care team

What is the Swiftcover contact number for rate quotes?

You can have free quotes when you dial Swiftcover Car Insurance Customer Help & Support Online  You will be offered discounts if you choose to buy more than one type of cover. You also have the provision of requesting for the codes online and the results get saved for a shorter duration. This gives you enough time to think whether you should choose the company for your insurance needs or not. If there is a need to make amendments in your personal details or insurance, you will have to request for a new quote.

What is the Swiftcover Number for Emergency Breakdown Assistance?

Make sure you have dialled if you want to know more about the emergency breakdown assistance or if you are looking to have additional information about the terms and conditions of the policy. Swiftcover policy comprises of Swift Rescue, Swift Rescue, and Swift Roadside, Swift European, and Home Assist.

Once you have subscribed to the service, make sure you have taken the print out of your policy and ensure you have brought it along with your vehicle. This will help you when your car breaks down and you require immediate roadside assistance. All you need is to show it to the Swiftcover mechanic and your car will be repaired on the basis of that policy.

Swiftcover Customer Service Opening Times

This is the most important topic and whether it is a new or an existing customer, everyone should know about the contact timings of Swiftcover car insurance customer service help department. Coming to the opening timings to call the Swiftcover insurance contact number , you can call this number 24*7 and the representative will able to help you with all your queries irrespective of the time. Customers used to have complaints in the past that the helpline numbers of every insurance companies should be available 24*7 as this is the matter of emergency. Keeping this thing in mind, Swiftcover customer support team  started to offer helpline 24*7.

What is the criteria for driving someone else’s car?

Swift Cover Insurance Telephone Number


Swiftcover Car Insurance Policies

Checkout the types of Swiftcover car insurance policies mentioned below:

Comprehensive Car Cover:

  1. This policy includes any repair and replacement of cars when they get damaged or stolen.

  2. With this policy, you will get your damaged car windscreen repaired or in some cases replaced.

  3. In this policy you will get protection against your car or property.

  4. In case of injury, this policy will come handy.

  5. You can also repair your car accessories such as stereos etc.

Third Party Fire And Theft Car Cover:

  1. With this policy, you will be protected against any damage to other’s car or their property.

  2. Get your car repaired or replaced in case of any fire or if it is stolen.

  3. This policy will protect against any injury to some other people.

If you have any queries related to your policy or want to buy any of the above policy, simply call on the Swiftcover car insurance contact number

What is Swiftcover Telephone Number for Account Help?

Since Swiftcover offers its services online, it is important you have an account with them. Having an account will help you to purchase their insurance services. If you are having a tough time registering for an account, make sure you call the customer service number . You will be assisted throughout the account making procedure and all your queries related to deleting accounts, updating information, password recovery, will be resolved.

Once you have created your account and have logged into your account, it is easy to make changes to cover online. Some of the common changes such as removing or adding the coverage and increasing & decreasing cover limits can be done.

Swiftcover car insurance free contact number

0844 385 1111

To make a claim of your policy, you can call the 24 hour Swiftcover contact number.  Before calling this number make sure you have the policy number with you. The Swiftcover phone number for car insurance provided here can be used to report any car accidents, to make  claim, car stolen or car windshield broken etc. You can use this number to report any incident that is related to other available insurance service. All the incident should be reported as soon as possible to start the process of claim. In order to check the status of your claim, you can contact the Swiftcover advisor. Normally the claim time varies from incident to incident so the Swiftcover customer care representative does not provide any deadline to the customers.

The insurance team will inspect your vehicle first and the will start working on your claim. For claiming your insurance, any investigation is compulsory. The Swiftcover will send their trained experts who will check your vehicle. You can also dial the Swiftcover contact number if the experts do not arrive for inspection.

Why To Call Swiftcover Customer Support Number?

It is necessary to call the Swiftcover contact number in the following situations:

  • To make a claim.

  • To renew your insurance policy.

  • To report an accident to the company advisor.

  • To get a quote for your insurance.

  • To cancel your policy.

  • To know about your claim status.

  • To get breakdown assistance.

  • To claim your car windscreen windshield.

  • To apply for travel claims.

  • To contact to the advisor.

  • Plus many more.

Use the Swiftcover telephone number shared here in any of the above cases or if you have any other problem that is not mentioned above.

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How to cancel my swiftcover car insurance policy?

Swift Cover Car Insurance Phone Number

Why To Choose Swiftcover Insurance?

If you too are looking for an answer to this question. Then let us provide you certain facts about the company.  Swiftcover Insurance is known for its quality service and have many satisfied customers across the country. The company has received many awards between the years 2005 and 2011. If you also want to make your car insured from Swiftcover, why not give a call on the Swiftcover insurance contact number?

Due to its competitive nature, Swiftcover makes sure that all its customers are benefited from its after sales service, and emergency support. The quick response team of Swiftcover customer services acts an icing to the cake, because they are available for support 24*7. Customers can use the online application system to double the speed of the application process.

Swift cover car insurance telephone number

Choose the customized insurance policy with Swiftcover that is best suitable for your car. The prices are very competitive and one can choose from lower price to the higher price policy.  Print all your documents online instead of getting it via postal method which takes very long time. Now you do not have to worry more about identity theft cases. All your information is well secured with the swiftcover services. As most of the time you have to manage the account online, so you need to keep the online login details safe with you.

How Can I Contact Swiftcover?

Swift Cover Insurance Phone Number

Swiftcover On Social Media

Now it’s easy to get updated about your favorite insurance provider on social media. Yes, Swiftcover is now full time active on its social media accounts. You can get updated about any latest deals or discounts about the policy on these social media accounts. Share your query on these accounts as it will not only help you but also to other people who visits these social media accounts. Checkout the links given below:

  • Swiftcover Facebook account: The links for Swiftcover facebook account is .

  • Swiftcover Twitter account: Use the link: if you want to follow Swiftcover on twitter.

  • Swiftcover Google+ account: For Google+ users, the link for Swiftcover is .

Go through the frequently asked questions with their solutions that are shared below. If you still want to speak to someone, then you can call on the Swiftcover Insurance customer service contact number

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What is the criteria for refund at the time of cancelling my car insurance policy?

Swift Cover Customer Service

How can I make a windscreen claim with Swiftcover?

If you want to make a windscreen claim, then there are two options which are mentioned below:

  • Via Phone: You need to give a call to the Swiftcover customer representative  using the phone number . This number can be called 24*7.

  • Via Online: Make a claim for your car windscreen by logging into your Swiftcover online account. After logging in, you need to select an option “make a claim”.

If you are still facing problems with your windscreen claim, give a call on the Swiftcover contact phone number . The Swiftcover representative  will help you in solving the problem.

How can I view or change my car details with Swiftcover?

All the details of your car are saved safely in your personal account also known as “My Swift Space”. So you do not have to worry much. You can anytime login to your account and view your car details. In cases when you change the car, then you will have to change your car insurance policy. Change the policy easily by logging into your account. No admin charges will be included if you change the policy. There could also be a change in your car premium if you change the car details. The new details will be updated within two days.

In case of any problem while viewing or changing your car details, feel free to contact Swiftcover by phone . The customer service advisor of Swiftcover  will make sure that your problem is solved as quickly as possible.

What type of covers are offered by Swiftcover car insurance?

Swift Cover Insurance Number

How to get cover for driving my car abroad?

If you are travelling abroad in your car, now you can easily get a cover for your car in abroad. To cover your car abroad, you have to sign into your “Swift Space” account and then choose the option “Add driving abroad cover”. Choose the section “Countries covered” located at the bottom of your account. After that you need to follow the onscreen instructions to get a cover for your car in abroad. You will get the same level of cover in all the European Union countries. Before travelling to abroad, you have to choose the dates of travel. Be ready to pay extra while you are abroad. For no extra costs, all your policies will automatically provide the minimum cover by law in all the EU countries. The cover is liable to third parties only.

Facing trouble while getting a cover for driving your car abroad, contact the Swiftcover customer services. For that you need to use the official Swiftcover contact number

How long can I drive my car abroad with Swiftcover?

You will get the minimum cover in every EU countries you travel till your insurance is valid. The cover is liable only for third parties. Always remember that this type of cover cannot be used to insure your car in any damage. In order to have the same cover as that in UK, you will have to sign in to your “Swift Space” account. Follow the online instructions to add the cover while driving abroad. You can opt this cover for up to ninety days during your policy year. Within your policy year, you can make upto six trips. Keep it in mind that you will not be provided the comprehensive car insurance policy or third party fire and theft cover will not be provided abroad.

If you have more questions related to the duration of driving your car abroad, consult the customer service representative of Swiftcover. Don’t forget to use the official Swiftcover telephone number

What to do in case of a car accident?

If you had a car accident, then you need to report to Swiftcover insurance customer service advisor as soon as possible. For that you need to call the Swift Claims team which is available  (outside UK). The helpline is open 24*7. Make sure before calling the number, you have your details such as vehicle number, address details, insurance details and the details of other person who are involved in the accident.

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