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Student Finance England Customer Service Number can be contacted if you are seeking financial funding for higher education courses in England. You will be assisted by the customer care team of Student finance regarding your queries such as what you are entitled to, how to apply for Student Finance, how long it will take, and when and how you will be paid.

Want To Contact Student Finance?

Student Finance is responsible for the finances of thousands of students every year. There is huge volume of people who are in dire need to call the Student Finance Contact Number. It is divided into different regional departments – Student Finance Scotland, Student Finance Wales, and Student Finance England. Each of these departments can be reached through central customer service number.

Student Finance Contact Number


Those students who are going into full-time higher education will be eligible for up to 9,000 pounds yearly as tuition fees. For more details about tuition fee loan you can call at student finance contact number given by us on this website.

Helpful Information:

Opening Hours – Student Finance UK Contact Number

  • You can contact Student Finance England from Monday to Friday, between 8am to 8pm. And, if you want to call in weekends, you will have to call between 9am to 4pm.
  • If you are European Union Student, you can call at Student Finance England Contact Number from Monday to Friday, between 9am to 5.30pm.
  • If you want to inquire about 24+ Advanced Leaning Loans, you can contact from Monday to Friday, between 8am to 8pm. During weekends, you have to call from 9am to 4pm.

Student Finance UK Contact

Textphone: 0300 100 0622

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Student Finance Loans England 

Contact Student Finance England - EU Student Loans

You can speak to an advisor on Student Finance Customer Service Number to check your situation. Through Student Finance you will be able to apply for Student loan and grant such as Maintenance loan and grant but this has to be paid back. Those British born students can get the maintenance loan that are unable to afford their living costs, such as books, food, rent etc while in education.

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To pay back any student finance loans, the individual has to be earning at least 21,000 pounds per annum. The monthly repayments will depend upon the amount the individual pays back every month. So, if you are prospective student worried about your future, contact Student finance today and you will be assisted by the customer care team.

How to Contact Student Finance UK?

There are number of ways to contact Student Finance. You can contact them directly by email, post or call the Student finance customer service number directly. The support is available for student in the form of Maintenance grant, Maintenance loan, and Tuition Fee loan. Here are the details mentioned below:-

Contact Student Finance

  • Maintenance Grant: – If you are student from low Income families, you are permitted to an assembly learning grant or maintenance grant which will help you with accommodation and other generating living costs. The level of maintenance grant will depend on your household incomes. It must be noted that you will not have to pay it back during or after completion of your course. For further details of this grant, you can contact at the number listed by us on this website.
  • Tuition Fee Loan: – If you are student and studying for first undergraduate degree, it is possible that you will not be able to pay your tuition fee in advance. The government can allow you loan for fees and postpone payment until you finished your undergraduate degree and started earning a minimum salary. No student will be means- tested for the loan regardless of household Income.
  • Maintenance Loan: – In addition of tuition fee loan, students can also get maintenance loan which will assist you in living costs. This loan is divided into two parts- means tested and non- means tested. Means tested will depend on the level of your household incomes, while non- means tested will be available to students irrespective of their household Incomes. Maintenance loan will be paid directly into your bank account in 3 installments every year. Moreover, it must be noted that you will not have to repay your loan until your course finished and you started earning minimum salary.                                      

How to apply for Student Finance?

You can apply for Student Finance by the following way mentioned below:-

  • New students from England:- If you are new student from England whether you are full time or part time student you can apply by the following way:-
    • Firstly, you have to set up a student finance online account.
    • Log in your account and complete your online application.
    • You have to include the details of your household income and make sure that your parents should support your application. For guidelines you can visit the website
    • Sign in and return the loan declaration, which you will be able to receive within six weeks.
  • If you are continuing student from England and you got finance last year, you just login to your account (student finance) and you will be able to apply online for the Student finance.
  • New European Union(EU) Students:- If you are new European Union Student, you can apply for Student Finance by the following way mentioned below:-
    • You have to download an application pack. Use the form finder and get the form you need.
    • You have to send your proof of identity, if needed.
    • Finally, you will be able to get a letter which will tell you how much you will get. You can get this letter within six weeks.

Contact Free Number For Student Finance

How to apply

Want to apply or support an application for student finance ? You can also call Student Finance England if you want to apply online but you can’t use a computer without help.

How To Appeal?

Send the completed form by email or post to Student Finance England.

What should you do when your student loan hasn’t arrived?

The main reason to call at Student finance contact number is academics who haven’t received their student loan when they are expecting to get. The Student finance customer service has a division especially to tackle such problems. The customer support agent will solve your problem and will give advice when you can expect your loans to arrive.

If you feel that your problem is not solved by Student finance and your academic performance has suffered due to this, you are entitled to complain. You will be able to log all your complaints through Student finance customer service number and you may be required to send documentation to support your claims.

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