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sony customer service - vaio laptop support number

Get Support for Sony VAIO, Computing and other Sony products at this phone number for the Sony Vaio technical support number given below. So, if you own a Sony laptop and you are facing the problem of a virus or any other technical issue, make sure you dial Sony laptop Contact Number UK

Today, with the advancement in the field of technology, the laptop has come a long way and it has become more than necessity. But, this does not mean that the problems, related to laptops, have decreased infact the issues are still there and it won’t be wrong to say that these problems have increased. When we talk about the leading manufacturers of laptops, personal computers, mp3 players, smartphones, video cameras, tablets, PlayStation, cameras, Sony takes the cake.

Sony Customer Service

00800 7898 7898

We are here for you (the customers) and we will walk the extra mile for you to solve all your queries and issues by providing you with direct dial customer service contact number for Sony VAIO laptop support. So, whether you are facing issues with Notebooks, Tablet PC’s, and Desktops, you can be rest assured that you will have the prompt solution from Sony VAIO support .

When you give a call at the above-mentioned sony customer service number, a customer support executives will address your query and offer you the solution for your query. If you feel comfortable reaching us via email, then Sony laptop support email id is – You will also get assistance for the repair and warranty or if you need a spare part for the unit, we are just a call away. A multilingual team can take inquiries in different languages such as Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.

Few Important Resources:

For questions related to Sony Electronics products (Televisions and Home Cinema, Digital Imaging, VAIO, Audio and other) please visit

Sony laptop support UK

Support for Sony product | Technical Support

Contact us for Support : United Kingdom : Sony Professional

Support for VAIO and Computing | Sony  Repair programme for the VAIO

Sony products customer service - VAIO support UK - laptopTechnical Support

Sony Vaio Support Tech Centres

If you are a native, you can pay a visit to the following addresses –

 Broadcast Service Centre

  • Address – Unit 5, Wokingham Commercial Centre,
  • Molly Millars Lane,
  • Wokingham,
  • Berkshire RG41 2RF
  • Email –

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CVP – Mitcorp Group

  • Address – 23 Shield Drive,
  • West Cross Industrial Estate,
  • Brentford, Middlesex,
  • United Kingdom, TW8 9EX
  • Email –

Company Name – Top Teks Ltd

  • Address – Bridge House, Royal Quay,
  • Park Lane, Harefield,
  • UB9 6JA

You can contact Sony vaio customer service number 00800 7898 7898 to know more about these addresses.

Sony vaio support number

00800 7898 7898

About Sony UK

– We all know what Sony is famous for across the globe. The company is known for manufacturing consumer products that are known for quality throughout the world. The progress, which the company made in all these years, is not less than amazing. Let us just revise the amazing journey (precisely years) when Sony managed to surprise us with technological marvels.

Starting from 1950 when the company was called TTK, they first introduced first Japanese tape recorder. In 1955, the company went public and started selling first transistor radio in Japan.

The company got a new name – Sony Corporation in 1958. They went ahead to launch world’s first transistor television in 1960. Eight years later, the company gave the world Sony Trinitron colour television and it did a record breaking business. We all remember the times of VCR and in 1975, the company launched Betamax VCR.

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The company gave the music lovers the best gift, in 1979, which they can ever expect in the form of Sony Walkman.  CD player was a real revolution and Sony launched in 1982. Three years later in 1985, Sony launched its first 8mm video camera.

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Probably, one of the important years is 1989 when the company acquired Columbia Pictures for $3.4 billion. Adding an important chapter in the gaming world, Sony came up with Sony PlayStation in 1994. In 1997, Sony launched VAIO line of PCs got launched.

Its various professional products comprise of semiconductors and components. The company also boasts of additional assets in the fields such as music with Sony Music Entertainment, DVDs with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Smartphones with Sony Mobile, Movies with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Digital Production, etc. The company has various other financial services as well and an advertising agency in Japan.

Sony Customer Care

PrimeSupport Pro –

When you register for PrimeSupport, it offers you an easy access to expert assistance for any issue or query that you have whether by phone or email. You can choose from four PrimeSupport package options that offer you right kind of assistance when you are in dire straits. These four options are – PrimeSupport Pro, PrimeSupport Elite, PrimeSupport Bespoke, and PrimeSupport On-Demand.

Sony Customer Service UK Address

To make general enquiries from the Sony uk customer service department, you can write a letter mentioning your query and send it to the following address:
Sony UK Technology Centre,

Pencoed Technology Park,

Pencoed, United Kingdom

FAQs and Solutions –

I came across hard disk error on starting my laptop?

The below-discussed steps will help in solving your issue.

  • First, you need to remove the hard disk and other media.
  • Now you have to restart your computer.
  • Check the computer BIOS and see whether the hard drive is detected or not.
  • You can use Check Disk Utility to detect and repair the errors on the hard drive.
  • You have to format and recover the hard drive.

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Vaio laptop support UK

00800 7898 7898

How can I troubleshoot blue screen Stop Error messages?

  • In order to resolve this issue, make sure you have followed the below-discussed steps –
  • Your first step should be reset the BIOS of the computer to the default values.
  • Now ensure that your laptop is turned off.
  • If you have, recently, added any hardware or any other device, that might cause the issue, make sure you remove it.
  • Now start your laptop in Safe Mode.
  • Your next step should be to perform the system restore on your laptop.
  • If you have, recently, installed any drivers, make sure you delete them.
  • You should restore the last known good configuration
  • Now check the driver for any errors.
  • Lastly, you can perform a system recovery on your laptop.

I am facing LCD screen issue, what can be the problem?

Follow the below-discussed steps to resolve this issue –

  • Make sure that the brightness is not turned down. Ensure that you know that the right arrow key is used to increase the brightness.
  • There are probabilities that the laptop might be in the video standby mode. You can press any key you want in order to activate the display.
  • It is important that the AC adapter is connected properly to the computer.
  • The battery has to be fully charged.
  • If you have connected any external display, PC cards or any device, make sure you have disconnected them.
  • Now, restart your computer.
  • You can press Fn+F7 keys to cycle between the video output modes.
  • Make sure you have reset the BIOS defaults.
  • Check whether the LCD screen is damaged or not.

Sony Vaio customer service

00800 7898 7898

The fan is making weird sounds, what can be the problem?

  • There are probabilities that the hard drive noise may be misinterpreted for the fan noise. It is important that you have evaluated the right location of the noise.
  • It is imperative that you have removed the media from the BD, CD or DVD drive.
  • The sound can be muted by pressing Fn and F2 key and find out if the noise is speaker related.
  • You can check the fan vents to see whether the noise is louder than any other place.
  • If the sound is coming from the vent, you can download the BIOS update. The driver and software updates are available online.

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If you are still facing some issue, make sure you dial Sony technical support number 00800 7898 7898.

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Best Sony VAIO laptops –

Sony Vaio Pro 11

– If you are an outdoor kind of person, then this laptop will surely suit your needs.

It is a lightweight laptop that makes it easier to carry wherever you go. It comes with an 11.6-inch screen with full HD touchscreen. The colours are vibrant and it is much better than its competitors.

Talking about its keyboard, it is nicely built and it helps in easy typing.

It has 3.5 x 2.2-inch touchpad is easy to use and respond quickly. You don’t have to worry about the heating issue. It has 1-megapixel camera which clicks hazy images and lacks detailing as well.

Sony vaio uk support

00800 7898 7898

Sony VAIO Duo 13

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Available in white and carbon black colours, the laptop has a nice built and it is, amazingly, lightweight. It comes with a 13-inch screen with full HD Triluminos display.

The best part is that you get to see the exact colours and with a lot of detailing. The audio quality is rich and loud, you don’t experience a lag. When you play a song, you can easily listen to the instrument used in the song.

The keyboard is designed in a manner that if you are typing for long hours, you don’t feel tired and at the same maintains fast speed as well.

Sony VAIO T Series

– The moment you open up the Sony VAIO T Series laptop, you are greeted with a 13-inch screen that looks amazing. The interior of the notebook is made using an aluminum panel.

The display is sharp and vibrant; its full HD display is a treat to watch. The touchscreen is responsive and swiping to close the apps was quick. Powered by Intel High Definition Audio, the speakers offer great sound.

It is loud and clear that increases the overall listening experience. The keyboard keys are well-spaced and it is fun to type on the keyboard.

The webcam is not very impressive and the images captured by the camera come out washed-out.

Unfortunately, the final image lacks the actual colours. The laptop comes with 2-GHz Intel Core i7-3537U CPU with 8GB of RAM. Intel HD Graphics 4000 does come handy in watching HD movies.

Sony vaio tech support

Sony VAIO F Series

– It packs a 16-inch screen that sports 1920×1080 display which is quite amazing to look at. Sony VAIO F Series weights at 6.5 pounds and at 15.3 x 10.4 x 1.6 inches, you don’t feel it too bulky to carry around.

Even though you are watching HD movies, you don’t have to combat any heat issue. The keys of the keyboard are quite study and well-space making it easier to type for long hours without getting tired.

Moving on to the touchpad, it supports multitouch gestures like zooming and pinching.

Its full HD display is ideal for watching HD movies and videos. Instead of glossy finish, viewing from the side angles was quite impressive. The audio quality can be termed as rich and loud enough while sitting in a room. Its 1.3-megapixel camera captures crisp photos.

So, if you are looking to know more about any of the above-discussed laptops, you can contact Sony customer service number 00800 7898 7898.

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