How To Reset Sky TV Viewing Card?

How To Reset Sky TV Viewing Card_

Unable to find the above answer useful? Don’t worry, just dial Sky tv customer services:0844 385 1222 to get help from Sky technical expert. But before that you should try yourself.

Resetting your Sky Tv viewing card has not been much easier than before. Just follow the instructions below to reset your Sky Tv Viewing card:


Press “Standby” button available on your Sky Tv remote.

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Now turn “off” your Sky box and unplug it from the mains supply.

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You have to also disconnect all your devices such as Sky Tv with your Sky Tv box. Make sure you unplug those devices as well from the mains supply.

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Look over “power light” on your Sky box, it must be turned “off”. Examine whether other devices are also turned “off”.

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Eject the Sky viewing card from the front flap on your Sky Tv box. Do check for any damage on the viewing card. If there is any brown mark on your viewing card then you don’t have to worry as it is normal and will not affect your Sky Tv box.

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Now connect all your devices to the mains and switch them “on”.

If you are a Sky Tv customer and facing Sky Tv viewing card problems then you might find the article helpful. If the problem still persist, you can contact Sky Tv customer services department. Call Sky contact number to make sure your query gets resolved.


After 3 minutes, press the “sky” button available on your Sky Tv remote. A green light will be illuminated on the front panel of your Sky box. It is an indication that Sky Tv box has been turned “on”.

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Insert the Sky viewing card again on your Sky Tv box. To make sure that you are inserting the card in right direction, Sky logo should be facing upwards and arrows on the card facing downward. Insert the card smoothly into the viewing card slot located on your Sky Tv box.


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