What Causes Poor Sky Digital Picture Quality?

Poor Sky Digital Picture Quality

If you are having poor picture quality on your Sky tv, then it may be due to the following reasons:


If you are using a passive aerial splitters without any proper distribution amplifier to feed the Sky digibox UHF signal. Then it will lead to a poor quality of picture on your Sky tv. To watch Sky tv on multiple televisions, then you will require a Sky distribution amplifier and a remote extender.

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Sometimes, your Sky distribution amplifiers can experience interference from the nearby Tetra masts and other radio signals. These interferences results in disturbance in picture quality.

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Using an older and non HD ready tv or old model of Skybox can also result in compromise of your Sky tv picture quality. Using of cheaper “Scart” cables can also interfere with the problem. In order to improve your Sky picture quality, connect your tv directly to the Sky+HD box using a high quality HDMI cable or by using an individually screened Scart cable. While installing a new Sky+HD box or using an RGB for older Sky+ boxes, then set it to 1080i picture quality.

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sky hd poor picture quality

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If you are still getting the poor Sky picture quality, then take help from Sky customer services engineer as soon as the possible. Ring on the Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222.

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