Waiting for your Sky Q box to arrive? Currently using Sky box? If answer to these two questions is yes, then you are absolutely at the right page. We will be sharing with you about various tips and tricks related to your Sky Q box for providing best tv experience on the planet. With the sheer amount of features given on your Sky Q box, one can almost think about what other shortcuts or features Sky Q box comes with. So get ready to witness some tips and tricks for your Sky Q box, that even your Sky customer services representatives don’t tell you about.

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TIP 1: Watch All Your Recordings Before You Switch Over

Your recordings will not be carried over to your new Sky Q box. So in order to watch the stuff you love, a good tip must be followed. You need to leave some of your stuff from the last week (that you can also access on catch up). So before switching over to the next Sky Q box, you need to make a planning in advance.


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TIP 2: Watch All Your Downloads Within 48 Hours

If you play any downloaded content then you will also see a timer on that page which starts when you press the play button. You need to finish watching your downloaded stuff within 48 hours or otherwise it will be automatically deleted and you will not able to watch it again.

TIP 3: Go For Sky Q Silver For 4K Quality

Although Sky hasn’t enabled its 4K UHD content, but you can expect it to be available on the Sky Q Silver package. If you have a 4K ready tv, then you can get a Sky Q Silver to watch 4K quality videos.

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Sky Q Box Tips

TIP 4: Choose Your Registered Devices Wisely

You can only get four of your devices registered to your Sky Q device. So you need to choose it carefully which device is to be connected to your Sky Q device.

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TIP 5: You Have To Record To Use Fluid Viewing

Fluid viewing is the most advanced feature of Sky Q, but in order for it work on live television, you will first have to record it. Using the R button many times will record the instance of programme that you are watching. After that you need to move onto your tablet or other device to resume your recordings.


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TIP 6: Navigate Through Menus Using Sky Q Remote

The Sky Q touch remote will easily help you to navigate through menus. In order to quickly scroll through a menu, use the scroll function by swiping down and then putting your thumb at the base of the touchpad of your Sky Q remote.

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TIP 7: Check Your Device Works Properly With Sky Q

The Sky Q apps work fine on any ipads that runs on the iOS 8.1 or above. If you are using an Android tablet, then it should have a screen size of 7 inch or more.

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