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Moving home? Want to take your Sky services to your new home? If the answers to all these questions is yes. Then you are on the perfect page as we will provide you all the information regarding Sky Home Move facility and also share all the important phone numbers to contact Sky customer services team. Kindly go through the site and we assure you that you will appreciate all the information given on this page as it is the most genuine information available on the internet. Now coming to the Sky Home Move facility services, the company focuses on providing the best customer service experience even when they are moving from one place to another. With the Sky Home Move facility one can easily transfer its services from one place to another and that too with a smooth and a quick procedure.

Sky Home Move Contact Number

0818 719 893

If you are unsure and have questions in your mind, then simply take assistance from the Sky customer services executives who mostly deal with these issues. For that you need to call on official Sky Move Home phone number: 03332 00 80 00. Lines open to this phone number are from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm on both weekdays and weekends. will get all your questions answered and also you can easily cancel your Home Move service by giving a call on this phone number. Make sure that you call on this phone number if you are moving your Sky broadband as well as Sky Talk services. For moving Sky Tv services, you need to click on the link: . After going to this page, you have to sign in with your Sky ID and password. Calling on 03 numbers will be free when calling from Sky talk phone. If you are calling from another network, then the call charges will be same as calling on other localised national numbers such as 01 or 02.

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Sky Home Move contact number

Transfer Your Services With “Sky Home Move”

Check out the following information mentioned below while using the Sky Home Move facilities.

  • Before you move home: Check whether all your equipments and your new home is ready before you transfer the services. You can set up your move home online facility by clicking on the link: . After booking the services you can even track your Sky order by Sky order tracking feature. You can also check all this on your Sky mobile app. If you do not have the app, simply Download it now for free .

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  • Sky equipments: Remember to take all your Sky equipments with you except the satellite dish and the cables that connects your Sky box with the dish. You need to take the following equipments with you while transferring services at new address:

  • Sky digibox.

  • Sky Viewing Card.

  • Sky remote.

  • Sky broadband router.

  • Internal cables such as HDMI or SCART cables.

  • Sky wireless connector.

Ensure that you take other equipments as well as with you that you currently use to enjoy the Sky services. If you want to use multiple Sky digiboxes then you can you will also need their respective viewing cards as well. This will help Sky engineer to complete the installation as quick as possible.

Sky Home Move Free Phone Number

03332 00 80 00

In case, you have any questions in your mind or facing some difficulties while transferring the service, use the Sky Home Move team phone number: 03332 00 80 00.

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Inspecting The Home Exterior

When it comes to installation, moving your Sky equipments and services are same as installing the Sky services for the very first time. Usually the installation process is mostly completed with the help of standard ladder and the recommended tools.

There can be times when it becomes difficult to access dish on your property.

Make sure you check the following things on your property. As there might be cases when the Sky engineer requires specialised equipments to complete the process:

  • The property in which you are going to live is a flat or an apartment with no dishes installed in the open view.

  • The dish needs to be installed on more than the height of two floors.

  • Your property is a tenement block with the dishes in open view.

If there is a scaffold area on your property, then the installation process will not be carried out due to health or safety reasons. Also the installations cannot be done on the properties that have cladded walls.

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To know more about the installation process, take help from the Sky engineer by calling on Sky Home Move number: 03332 00 80 00.

Sky home team phone number

What To Do If You Are Moving Outside UK?

Always remember that Sky services or products are not available outside UK and Ireland. If you are relocating to the Republic of Ireland, then you might get some variations that might affect the availability of some channels. Online bookings for Sky Home Move are applicable only for UK addresses. If you are relocating to Republic of Ireland, then contact Sky advisors on the phone number: 0818 719 893.

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Ask Permission

This is all upto you to get permission from your landlord before installing Sky dish at your new home. If you are moving to a flat within a block, then the permission from the owner of the block or the committee members is must before installing the dish. Sky offers tailored services for landlords who are responsible for flats who wish to offer Sky to their tenants. A planning permission from the local planning authority will be required to install Sky in a listed building. Make sure that permission has been granted before arranging a Sky installation if you are relocating to a development or conservation area where this case may apply.

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What Are The Charges Of Sky Home Move?

The standard charges of Sky installation while Home Move is £35. These charges are inclusive of VAT. Majority of the Sky Home Move installations are standard. The non standard Sky Home Move will cost extra and can only be set up by the Sky engineer at the time of installation visit. To know more about the Home Move installation charges, contact Sky advisor by calling on Sky Home Move contact number: 03332 00 80 00.

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