Now you can easily manage your Sky bills and services online. For that you don’t have to do anything much except signing into your “My Sky Account”. Under this account you can manage all the subscriptions and also make changes to your Sky account such as upgrading or downgrading the services. If you are new to Sky and want to register your account, click and click the “Sign Up” option. Coming to billing and payment option, you can easily keep an eye on your bills, on which services you are spending the most and also pay the amount before the due date. Get both your payment method as well as payment due date changed by signing into your “My Sky Account”. If you have query regarding your bills and account, then you can speak to Sky expert at their customer services center by ringing on Sky account & billing phone number which is 03442 411 653.

Sky billing phone number

03442 411 653

If you are a Sky talk customer, you can call Sky talk expert at 0044 344 241 1653

Sky Billing phone number

“My Sky” Account

To learn more about “My Sky”, kindly read the information given on this article.

On your “My Sky” account, you can access the following features:

  • My package: Check everything that is included in your Sky package. With “My Sky” account, you can keep a track of your Sky Talk charges as well as the internet charges and the usage. If you have ordered something from Sky, then you can track your orders by logging in to your “My Sky” account. Also make a bookings of Sky Home Move facility while relocating to the new address.

  • My extras: Check out what extra offers and upgrades are available for your Sky account without any extra cost. Most of the options available are Sky “Catch Up Tv” service, Sky Broadband Shield and many more.

  • Bills & Payments: In this option, view your bills and make payments online. You can also change the payment method as well as your payment due date under this section.

  • My details & settings: Update your details with Sky such as your new address, phone number, email address etc. You can also change your Sky settings such as changing Sky Go PIN, Sky Broadband Shield etc.

Sky Account Payments Billing

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Manage Your Sky Bills

It’s easy to now manage your Sky bills. We will be sharing three methods to check your latest bills and payments. Kindly follow the instructions given below:

METHOD 1: Online:

You can view the updated statement of your bill and also view your 11 of your previous bills on your Sky online account. To view it online, simply follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to your Sky account by clicking on the link: If you are new to Sky account, then you can click on the “Sign Up” option and create a new Sky ID username and password.

  2. Go to “My Account” section and then navigate to “Bills & Payments” to see the recent bill and details of your Sky subscriptions.

  3. On “My Account” section, you can also change the payment method and also change your payment due date, update to paperless billing etc.

Sky Billing Payments Number

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METHOD 2: Via Sky Tv

Now check your bills on your Sky tv by using the interactive billing tool. If you are a Sky+ customer, then check the bill by following some simple steps given below:

  1. Use the “interactive” button located on your Sky tv remote.

  2. Use “up/down” arrow keys to navigate to “My Account” section and then press the “select” button on your Sky remote.

  3. Now follow the onscreen instructions to select “View my Sky bill” option and then enter the Sky Viewing Card PIN number.

If you are using Sky Q equipment, then simply follow the instructions given below:

  1. Press the “home” button on your Sky Q remote and then select “My Account”.

  2. Select “Bills” option and then click on the bill that you want to see.

Understanding Your Sky Bill

You are actually paying in advance for your fixed price subscriptions which includes: Sky Broadband, Sky Line Rental, Sky Tv and Sky Talk. If you have charges such as Sky Box office charges, Sky Store charges and other call charges, it will all appear on your next bill. Once your services are fully installed, you can view the bill by signing into your  My Sky account. You will see the amount 14 days before the payment is due.

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First Sky Bill

Once the services are active, you will get an email or a letter showing about the details of your monthly charges. You will have to pay your first payment just after 14 days of the beginning date. The amount will cover the usage of services for 14 days and the remainder of your 1st month.

Second Sky Bill

You have to pay your second payment just after the 14 days of the payment of your first bill. Since the Sky bills are made in advance, this payment will also cover your next month’s subscription. The dates billed cover more than a month because the bill will include any services that have been active since the previous payment.

Third Sky Bill

The third bill will cover all the services for the next month in advance. This is the amount you expect to pay every month excluding any one-off charges and will be taken one month after your second payment.

Additional Information

The Sky billing department calculate and uploads your bill on your Sky account 14 days before the payment due date. This will help you to view your bill in advance before the payment is collected from the Sky team. If you didn’t get the expected bill, then you need to check your Sky subscription offers. Check for any charges related to Sky Box Office or Sky Store purchase. If you are using Sky Talk services, then you can check for any call charges that may have lead to this unexpected bill.

To learn more about your bill information, you can contact the Sky customer services billing department on Sky billing enquiries number: 0333 202 2133. You can also use the other Sky billing telephone number which is 03442 411 653. Calls to this Sky contact number are free from Sky Talk facility and if you are not using Sky Talk, then call charges on 03 number will be same as calling on the localized numbers which are 01 and 02.

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