Sky fibre broadband is superfast and very convenient to use. It uses the fibre optic technology to provide internet connectivity at the home. It is far more better than the convention broadband connection which uses copper wires. With the fibre broadband technology the broadband speed does not get fluctuated as seen on the other conventional broadband connection.  To know more about Sky fibre broadband,kindly go through this article. We will be sharing all the packages, rates and much more about the Sky fibre broadband on this page.

Sky Fibre Contact Number

03442 411 653

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This number is used for getting help from Sky customer services team experts who works day in and out to get your problems solved. If you are a Sky Talk customer, then this number is free to call. If you are using other networks to call this Sky fibre contact number then you will be charged as per the standard rates. Timings to call this Sky fibre broadband number is from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm (Monday to Sunday).  Use this Sky contact number: 03442 411 653 to take help from the experts. This number can be called for all your sky fibre optic broadband queries and can be contacted seven days a week.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sky Fibre Broadband

Most people are confused with the terms broadband and fibre broadband. If you are also one of those customers, then you do not have to worry anymore. All the answers to your question will be given under this heading. Checkout the points given below that will put more light on Sky fibre broadband:



It is three times more faster than the normal broadband speed. You will get upto 50 mbps of internet speed.



As per the Ofcom report of the year 2016, Sky Broadband provides better customer service satisfaction than any other internet service provider.


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You can opt Sky fibre broadband as a standalone service or as a bundled service with your Sky Tv.


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Now it is easy to switch your current broadband services to Sky fibre broadband. You just need to contact Sky “Switch Squad” to make the switching process much easier for you.

Ultra Fibre Optic from Sky

Sky Fibre Broadband Options

Choose out your favourite packages from the below given Sky fibre broadband options:

Sky Fibre: This type of package is available for £5/month for first six months and after that you will need to pay  £10/month for next six months. The Sky Line Rental Charges will be £17.40/month. Get the following benefits with this package:

  1. You will get 25GB as a monthly usage allowance.

  2. The general browsing hours will be up to 540 hours.

  3. Download upto 300 music albums online.

  4. Play your favourite games online for 540 hours.

  5. You can download up to 8 standard definition quality movies and upto 2 high definition quality movies.

Sky Fibre Unlimited: Enjoy superfast internet speed unlimited with this package. It will cost you  £10/month for first six months and £20/month for next six months. You will have to also pay the Sky Line Rental charges which is £17.40/month. Enjoy the following benefits unlimited:

  1. Play your favourite online games for unlimited hours.

  2. Listen to your favourite music by downloading unlimited amount of music albums online.

  3. Enjoy unlimited number of  standard definition and high definition quality movies online.

  4. Browse online without worrying about the monthly allowance anymore.


Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro

Browse and download online data with much more faster speed that is up to 76mbps. Yes this is all possible with Sky fibre unlimited pro. To subscribe this service, you will need to ring on the Sky phone number which is 08442 410 802. You can also take assistance from Sky technical support if you are facing problems related to Sky Fibre unlimited pro. This service is available for £30/month along with the Sky Line Rental that is £17.40/month.

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Which Sky Fibre Broadband Deal Is Right For You?

This is the most common question asked by the customers. So we have also decided to provide you the best solution. The information provided here is written after analysing the user reviews and their experiences. There are two speeds available with Sky fibre broadband one is 38 mbs and other is 76mbps. With the use of fibre optics technology the broadband speed is much more faster than the convention copper cabled broadband.

  1. Sky 38mbps speed: This deal is best for small households where one needs to stream movies. In this type of speed,you are still able to download HD movies and play games online.

  2. Sky 76mbps speed: This speed is ideal for heavy downloads such as downloading high definition movies, heavy softwares, games etc. This package is best for the users who love to make the most of their broadband connection.

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