Call Sky on 0844 385 1222 or Sky contact number freephone 0800 151 2747 for urgent customer care … Sky’s customer service team can help if you phone their contact number . We bring you technical support for Sky, home entertainment customers to guide them regarding services..Use the number to get in contact with the Sky customer services team to speak to a representative about your Sky TV, Sky Internet.

Sky Contact Number

0844 385 1222

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website.

Want To know more about Sky Tv, Internet and Phone services? Sky contact phone number is 0844 385 1222. Opening hours to get in touch with Sky help & support team via this sky phone number is from  (8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week). Calls made to sky free phone number do not cost but those on other number will cost 5p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

The best thing about this Sky phone number is that it can be called seven days a week. The customers often call at sky contact number 0844 385 1222 with the technical difficulties,The Sky contact telephone number listed here will direct you straight to the Sky customer services team to handle your inquiry. Get Sky TV & broadband customer service phone and contact numbers, Cancellation, Engineer, Sky cable technical support free UK number

(NEW) Sky Free Phone Contact Number

0800 151 2747

Although Sky customer Services operations are available between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week, but the Best time to call at sky hotline is before the hours of 11am, as after that all the lines to sky support experience a heavy rush and are either not availaible or the sky call centre operators are too busy.

List Of Sky Contact Numbers

Department ☎ Contact Number ☎ Sky Freephone Number
☎ 1. Sky TV  08001 512 758 03442 411 653
☎ 2. Sky Broadband / Sky Talk  08001 512 758 03442 411 653
☎ 3. Sky TV Apps  08001 512 758 03442 411 599
☎ 4. Sky Protect 0800 561 4457 0800 561 4457
☎ 5. Upgrade Sky Equipment 08442 411 653 08442 411 653
☎ 6. Schedule Appointment – Sky Complaints 0844 385 1222  0333 100 0333
☎ 7. Sky GO 0844 385 1222 03442 411 599
☎ 8. Sky Cancellations 03332 022 135 03332 022 135
☎  9. Sky Sports Box Office 0800 561 4457 0800 151 2747
☎  10.Moving Home 0333 100 0333 0800 151 2747
☎  11. Sky Fibre Optic Broadband 0844 385 1222 0800 561 4457

Contact Sky customer services on 0844 385 1222. This is a direct dial phone number that will connect you directly to their department. Sky contact number can be called from 8:30 am – 11:30 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Call on Sky customer service contact number: 0844 385 1222 to get immediate customer care over the phone. Timings to contact this number are from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm on weekdays and weekends. This is the prime phone number for Sky queries related to your  Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk. This number can be used by both Sky business and personal customers.

Phoning Sky helpline department can be stressful. one reason for this is that you might think that you might not be able to contact sky during working days , when you are at work other than just weekends and at that time you fear there wont be any sky technical advisor available to take up your call. The Sky contact number listed here is available  24/7 7 days a week so it does not matter what kind of work schedule do you have,feel free to call at this sky phone number free of cost to discuss whatever issues you are facing or other enquiries about sky services such as Sky broadband, Sky TV, Sky HD Box, Movies, On demand etc.

Sky Phone Number

0800 151 2747

Sky is known for its world class technology that offers services mainly in three areas: Internet, TV and Phone. The company receives thousands of calls everyday on the sky contact number for customer services: 0844 385 1222. People who want to switch to Sky or want to get in touch with sales team can contact on this sky contact number free. People who are unhappy with the services or want to cancel their subscription can dial Sky cancellation number: 0844 385 1222. One of the common problem customers face is slow broadband connection. However Sky focuses on providing high internet speed  but due to outages or other technical issues, there may be times when you are unable to get the mentioned speed. Problems regarding to Sky broadband services can be solved by dialing Sky Broadband contact number: 0844 385 1222 . People who have Sky Talk facility, can use 0344 number for free and those who are not subscribed to Sky Talk services, the call charges on 03 number will cost as same as 01 or 02 number.

Introduction To Sky:

sky contact phone number freephone

Sky plc is a British satellite broadcasting company which has headquarters based in London. Most prominent services of Sky are On demand feature that includes Sky On demand movies,  Sky On demand Tv, On demand programmes etc. The broadband services includes Sky Broadband unlimited, Sky Lite and Sky Fibre unlimited. Telephone services offered by Sky includes Sky Talk feature which offers various discounted call rates or free calls.

Headquarters: London      |     CEO: Jeremy Darroch        |      Founder: Rupert Murdoch

 Sky has its operations in five countries: England, Ireland, Italy, Austria and Germany.  At the present moment, Sky is one of the leading and highest subscription based telecommunication company in Europe.  Sky provides services to more than twenty million people in these five countries across Europe. Sky also offers sub services under its major products such as Sky Go, Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Sky Movies etc. New customers who wish to subscribe Sky services can give a call on free Sky phone number: 0844 385 1222. This contact number for Sky customer services is the most convenient and easy way to get assistance from Sky advisor. People who want to subscribe online can visit Sky official website.. Those who want to subscribe to Sky and wish to discuss some of their questions before hand with an advisor can use this Sky’s new customer phone number: 0844 385 1222.

Sky Help & Support

What Is Sky’s Contact Phone Number?

To get assistance from customer representative, just dial Sky freephone contact number uk:  0844 385 1222. Problems related to bill, technical issues, Sky account all can be solved by calling on this phone number. Sky manages to provide all its help and services online, however sometimes there may be technical problems where you cannot find best answer on the official website. For ex. If you have problem with Sky Tv boxes or unable to receive signals on Sky box, at that time call on Sky Tv contact number: 0844 385 1222. For billing and payment queries, customers can contact on Sky billing contact number: 0844 385 1222

What Is Sky Sports?

Sky Sports is a service offered by Sky to provide sports channel to its viewers. It is one of the most subscribed sports channel in U.K and Ireland. This channel has given a boost to commercialize British sports in both England and Ireland. In U.K Sky Sports is famous for Football Premier League coverage.  For more information on Sky Sports, you can reach out to help & support team on Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222

We have shared some questions and answers that might be helpful to you. If in case the problem is not solved by below solutions, then contact the company.  Contact Phone number for Sky is : 0844 385 1222.

Sky Free Phone Number

0800 151 2747

Sky TV Contact Number – TV bundles, Digital TV, 3D TV & Movies

Reach out to Sky technical team by calling on Sky Tv Contact 0844 385 1222 for Sky TV bundles, Digital TV, 3D TV & Movies enquiries. This number will help you to connect directly to their department. Sky Tv contact number can be reached from 8:30am – 8pm on both Weekdays and Weekends.

To get more information regarding Sky Tv services, Sky Tv box, Sky Now Tv, dial the Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222 during opening hours 8:30 am to 8 pm. Standard rates will be applied if you call on 0844 number and if you want to make a call at cheaper number use 03442 411 653. This number is free for Sky Talk customers and cheaper for those who are not using Sky Talk services. By dialling Sky contact number, new customers can apply for Tv services at their home.

Sky TV Contact Number


Share your queries or problems related your Sky Tv by calling the Sky technical team on free Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222. The company has setup its contact number in such a way that there is no third party team or member involved while contacting them. Waiting for your call to be connected to Sky customer services team has become a thing of past. Now you can get in touch with the department directly by calling on free Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222.

Named as one of the leading telecommunication company in Britain, Sky provides its own channel for its Tv subscribers. If there is a need to contact for a problem related to your Tv box then Sky Tv contact details are: 0844 385 1222. On its user friendly website, you can navigate to “Sky Contact Us” page. There is an immense change in telecommunication business where companies are providing best services at competitive rates. Keeping customers satisfied has been a USP of Sky that is why it’s main focus is to provide best after sales services. One of the most common query of the customers is about their Sky TV box.

What Is Sky Now Tv?

With internet accessible to most of the people in U.K, Sky has come up with a  great idea to provide Tv and internet services at the same time. This thing is known as Sky Now Tv. Launched in 2012, Sky Now Tv offers international television services in U.K. You can connect up to four devices and can watch on two devices at the same time. Xbox One, Xbox 360, Smart Tv, Your computer system and mobile can be used to access this service. To sign up for this feature, you have to dial Sky Now Tv contact number:0844 385 1222.


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Sky Telephone Number :0844 385 1222

How Can I Get Help For My Sky Tv?

If there is a problem with your Sky Tv, contact the technical department for assistance. To deal with your queries Sky has set up a professional and straightforward team whose aim is just to provide quick assistance to its customers. Sky very well understand the need of its loyal customer that’s why it comes up with promotional offers and discounts from time to time. Highest TRP shows such as Game of Thrones and Mad Men are most watched in Britain. Thus adding up the sales of Sky Tv Services. Adding or Cancelling the Tv programmes can be done by click of a button. Use Sky contact no. 0844 385 1222 to make changes on your Sky Tv programmes.

Some of the common problems with their solutions are shared below. Take assistance from the technical team, if your problem is not solved. Call on  Sky contact number uk: 0844 385 1222.

Sky UK Contact Number Free

How can I activate my subscribed channels on Sky Tv?

To activate your subscribed channels, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Use your Sky remote to go to channel number 106. You will get a message on your Tv screen stating “Your Sky viewing card needs to be paired to your Sky+HD box”.

  • Press “select” button on your Sky remote to pair Sky viewing card with your Sky+HD box.

  • After pressing the button, you will get a message on your Tv screen “Requesting pairing..”

  • It will take few seconds to pair your Sky viewing card with Sky box. You will get a confirmation message that your request was successful. Your subscribed channels will be available shortly.

If you are unable to access your subscribed channels on Sky Tv, get in touch with a technical expert by calling on Sky Contact number: 0844 385 1222.

What are the ways to connect my Sky+HD box to my Sky router?

Connecting your Sky+HD box with your router depends on the model of your Sky router:

If your Sky Router does not have a WPS button:

Follow the below instructions to connect your Sky box with the router:

  • Press on “services” button on your Sky Tv remote.

  • Utilize the “arrow” buttons to visit “Settings” section on your Sky Tv.

  • Press “select” button and use “arrow” buttons to go to “Network” option.

  • Press”select” button again.

  • Select “Connect with Password” option and press “select” button on your Sky remote.

  • Select your Sky wireless network from the list, and press “select” button using your Sky remote. If you don’t know the name of your Sky wireless network, then you can find it at the back of your Sky router.

  • Type the password using your Sky remote and press on “select” to connect to it.

If your Sky router has a WPS button:

Follow the below instructions to connect your Sky+HD box with your router:

  • First press and hold down WPS button your Sky router for at least 2 seconds.

  • Press the WPS button on your Sky+HD remote within 1 minute. The WPS button is located on the front panel of your Sky+HD box.

  • On your Sky+HD box, the wireless light will flash amber when your box is attempting to establish an internet connection with your Sky router.

  • Once the connection is successful, the light will turn amber solid.

Still unable to set a connection between your Sky+HD box and the Sky router, take help from technical team. Simply call on Sky telephone number: 0844 385 1222.

How to set up Single Feed mode on my Sky Tv box?

Follow the below steps to setup Single Feed mode if you have only one satellite cable.

  • On your Sky remote press the “services” button. Use “right arrow” button to go to “Settings” option.

  • Press 0, 0,1 and “select” button on your Tv remote to access the “Setup” menu.

  • Now highlight the “Single Feed Mode” and enable the settings.

  • Use the “green” button to save your settings and then press “select” to confirm the changes.

  • Your Sky box will automatically turn off. After few minutes, press the “Sky” button to switch on your Sky Tv box.

  • Now your Sky box is setup to operate in Single Feed mode.

If there is a problem while setting up Single Feed on your Tv box , use Sky phone number: 0844 385 1222 to take help from a Sky customer services expert.

How to order Sky box office using my Sky remote?

To order “Sky box office” using your Sky remote, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • On your Sky remote, press “box office” button.
  • Press the “right arrow” button and navigate to “Box Office” option and then press “select” key on your Sky remote.
  • Use “left or right arrows” button to highlight the chosen category. Click on “Select” button on your remote.
  • Now highlight the programme or movie that you want to book and press “select” button on your remote.
  • If you want to record the movie or programme, then press “R” button on your Sky remote. You should have a compatible Sky boxes such as Sky+/ Sky+hd boxes to record and watch the programme.
  • You will get a message on Tv screen stating”Checking purchase Information”.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed on your Tv screen.
  • If prompted, enter your Sky TV PIN. If you are unable to find your Sky TV pin, click the link:
  • After pressing “select” on your Tv remote, your movie or programme will be added on Sky Planner.
  • To go back to your normal viewing, press “Sky” button on your remote.

If there is a problem while ordering your Box office or movie, give a call on Sky Box Office contact number:  0844 385 1222.

How to sign up for Sky account?

Customers who are new to Sky and want to create new Sky account can follow some easy steps for signing up:

  • Create a Sky iD to create a new account.
  • On the page, enter your personal details such as email address, username and password. These username and password will be used to sign into your Sky account.
  • After entering the details, enter the captcha and click on “Create Sky ID”.
  • Now you will be directed to the page where you will have to select your Sky customer status.
  • Fill in the account holder’s last name. The account holder should be the one who pays Sky bill.
  • Select your country and enter the details such as billing address postcode and your telephone number.
  • Enter your Sky account number. It is a twelve digit number that can be found on your Sky welcome letter. If you are an existing customer, you can find the account number on your recent bill.
  • Enter your Sky Viewing card number. It is a nine digit number. If you don’t know your Sky viewing card number, click on the link:
  • Fill in your last six digits of your bank account number from where your Sky bill will be paid or is paid.
  • Click on “Confirm” option and you will see the confirmation message on your computer screen. You will also receive an email containing your Sky account login details.

Sky contact number for new customers is 0844 385 1222. Dial this sky customer services number if you are new to Sky and want to take help regarding your Sky account.

Sky Broadband Customer Services

0844 385 1222

This Sky Broadband customer services contact number will directly connect you to  their department. Sky phone number can be called from 8:30am – 8pm from Monday to Sunday.

To know more about Sky Broadband  services, contact Sky Broadband services team on  0844 385 1222/ 03442 411 653  during open hours (8:30am-8pm, 7 days). Calls made on 0844 number will be charged 5p/minute plus your phone provider access charge.

Problems related to Sky Broadband services can be solved by calling on this Sky Broadband contact number: 0844 385 1222. Calling on this number will cost you 5p/minute plus your phone provider access charge. If you are looking for a cheaper or a free number then you can dial Sky Broadband customer service contact number . If you have Sky Talk services at your home then there will be no charges applied by calling on this number. Customers who are not subscribed to Sky Talk services will be charged same as calling on national geographical numbers such as 01 or 02.

Contact Number For Sky Broadband Issues & Enquiries

We have mentioned some Sky broadband numbers that will connect you to a specific department depending upon your queries. Check the Sky broadband problems you might be facing below –

  • Sky Wifi problems: Problems related to Sky Wifi router or hub can be solved by dialling Sky Broadband UK contact number: 03442 411 653.
  • Sky Email Queries: Call on  sky broadband contact number free: 03442 411 653. Standard charges will be applied if you are calling from other networks.
  • To upgrade your Sky Broadband plan: Contact Sky sales team for upgrading your Sky Broadband plan. The sales team will be available on Sky Broadband contact phone number: 03442 411 653.
  • To cancel your Sky Broadband services: In order to cancel your broadband services with Sky, use Sky customer care helpline services  number : 03332 022 135 to speak to one of the member of Sky sales team.

For more information, you can visit  Sky Broadband Contact Us page on the official website of Sky.

How To Cancel Sky Broadband Services?

In order to cancel your services, contact Sky broadband team either via live chat feature or by dialling Sky uk contact number: 03332 022 135. Timings to reach out to customer representative via chat is from 8:30 am to 8 pm, from Monday to Sunday. Calls made on Sky broadband contact is absolutely free for Sky Talk customers. Those who are not using Sky Talk services will be charged same as calling to national localised numbers: 01 or 02.

How can I reset my Sky Broadband password?

Follow some easy steps to reset your Sky Broadband password:

  • Open a new browser and enter in the address bar.
  • After pressing “Enter” button, you will be directed to your router login page.
  • Enter the default login details of your Sky router.
  • In Username box, type “admin”  and in the password box type “sky”. If you are unable to login,, then you have to reset your Sky router.
  • Once you are logged in, go to “Wireless settings, Setup or Wireless” option.
  • Tap “Change Wireless Password”.
  • Now enter “admin” in the username box and “sky” in the password box.
  • Type the new wireless password that you would like to set.
  • Click on “Apply” to save your new password.
  • And reconnect all your devices with the new Sky router password.

If the problem still persist with your Sky Broadband router, dial Sky phone number: 0844 385 1222

What are the steps to connect my Android phone to Sky wireless Broadband service?

Follow the below steps to connect your Android device to the Sky wireless broadband services:

  • On your phone home screen, click on “Apps” icon.
  • Go to “Settings” option > select “Wireless and network”.
  • Enable your phone “Wi-fi” option.
  • Select your Sky wireless network from the list.
  • Click on the Sky wireless network and type the password to connect to it.  

Facing issues while connecting to Sky wireless broadband services, reach out to sky technical support department by calling on free Sky contact number: 0844 385 1222

How can I protect my Sky internet network from viruses?

There are three ways to protect your Sky internet network from online threats.

  • Use McAfee Internet Security Suite: You can use this security suite free for twelve months. It is available free for 12 months to all the Sky Broadband users. You can also set up parental controls on websites to secure your network. You will get an updated antivirus if you opt for Sky Broadband services.
  • Sky Broadband Shield: You can setup a Sky broadband shield to keep your network safe from online threats. This service is also free for Sky Broadband users. This feature will help you to choose the websites for your family and will also help to keep your network safe from any viruses, online threats etc.
  • Via Internet Matters: This will guide parents and carers with news and advice to keep their children safe online when they are surfing the internet.

To know more about securing your Sky Internet Connection, feel free to give a call on Sky Phone number: 0844 385 1222.

What are the steps to set up my Sky home broadband network?

To set up a wireless Sky home broadband network, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Check the name of your Sky network either on Sky connect card or at the back of your Sky hub.
  • Now check that network name on your computer or mobile wireless settings.  
  • If you find that name, then enter the password to connect your device with the Sky wireless network.
  • If you don’t remember the password, you can find it on your Sky connect card. Use the password in upper cases to connect to your Sky wireless network.

Unable to Set up your Sky home Broadband network? Talk to a technical expert over the phone. Simply dial Sky Broadband customer services phone number:  0844 385 1222.

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