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Next customer service tries to provide the most reliable and quirky facility to help its customers with shopping. In case you have any doubts and queries you may refer to Next Contact Number given below since next now also provides online shopping which was introduced in 1999 and the entire collection became available to shop from on the internet, page by page – another first in home shopping in the UK. NEXT now also serves customers in around 70 countries outside UK. Being a tough competitor, NEXT has been known over years for its phenomenal sales and efficient deliveries and customer service. A go-to hub for the shopaholics, NEXT is the most popular brands in UK for its retail in clothing for men, women and also deals in accessories and home furnishings.

NEXT Contact Number

Its main competitors are Topshop, H&M, River Island and more. Making an edge over which  Next have launched their online store, making the products available at their doorsteps. This has proved  as an increment to 700 exquisite branches in Europe and Ireland.

About NEXT

Being the right choice for all the fashionistas NEXT was founded in 1894, with its base in Leicestershire, England. With enormous number of stores coming up, NEXT has been the most preferred option for people worldwide and especially that of UK. They are acknowledged for their high-end sale of products that are customly sorted for men, women. NEXT not just deals in clothing, accessories for men, women and kids, but also deals in home furnishings. With the coming in of  LABEL, Next has been able to quantify its profits with the third party setup.

@Wikipedia      –     Founder: Joseph Hepworth       –      Founded: 1982        –      CEO: Simon Wolfson


The distribution policy of the company is divided through three channels being:

  • NEXT Retail–500 UK and Ireland Stores
  • NEXT Directory– Home Shopping assistance catalogue
  • NEXT International–200 stores worldwide

NEXT History

Joseph Hepworth founded NEXT in 1864 in Leeds as a trading company , Joseph Hepworth launched it as a tailor made enterprise under the name Joseph Hepworth & Son. In 1982 Joseph Hepworth collaborated with Kendall & Sons LTD, another famous fashion brand. This led to a whole new evolution of the idea of shopping as the customers could now shop all together under one roof for their favourite brands,making it a unique shopping experience. Next brought in menswear in 1984, home interiors in 1985 and childrenswear in 1987, making it an all encompassing hub for shopaholics and for the ones who like the idea of a hassle free experience.

The company introduced the Next Directory in 1988; with was representational of all the styles that they had to offer and also a catalogue for customers to browse through and know their needs . It was finally in 1999 that launched their online shopping in a quest to evolve and offer their customers a better shopping experience. shop online at their leisure; pioneering the concept of a single brand with multiple ways to shop- telephone, in store and online. You can always refer to their direct services to help yourself resolve any problems that you have been facing shopping by referring to Next Customer Service.

NEXT UK Contact Number

How to contact NEXT?

NEXT Contact Us Forum now provides an internet and a telephonic support for its customers where they can be assisted by the NEXT customer support by contacting 0333 777 8000 through a simple click of a button. It is overall a very efficient idea of assistance since there can be times where the customer could fail to make a call or send an email. Depending on the customer’s support and comfort NEXT provides a very consumer friendly service of instant messaging on their website. To make your experience hassle free and easy you can even contact Next customer service department which will prove to be the most helpful source of information for you. Once you call up NEXT customer services phone number you will be assisted by a virtual automated menu. Many customers do not like this menu but as per the company policy, this menu makes sure that the customer is linked up with the right department for his/her concern. Whenever a customer calls up NEXT, the automated menu links up all the services with respective numbers. All that one has to do is press the number that deals with their issue and you will then be assisted by their customer service executive.

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NEXT Contact

Whether you are an existing Next Directory customer service  or are looking to set up a brand new account, and you will be assured one of the most jovial and satisfactory experiences as  one of the team members would be happy to assist you. If you want to request a brochure then customer services are there to help you out. The Next customer service phone number is the most efficient  and the reliable source to seek for any  information you require about any item across all products that they have to offer. From all the mens, womens and the kids range, to clothes for children and home furnishings, Next customer services team is the go-to option for all the queries.

NEXT customer service number

To help its customers with their problems regarding shopping and payments, NEXT customer service helpline helps customers in the most judicious way to assist with the most fruitful experience possible.Next also caters to a good customer feedback. In case you are not satisfied with what they have to provide, call Next contact us by dialin

All your troubles regarding the online access, regarding resetting of your password, your orders etc can be solved at just one touch of a phone.

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Get Help through store

If you ever need any help regarding the setting up of accounts dial Next Customer service number and they can help you manage your account section easier to make your shopping a wonderful experience to be. For queries related to products and delivery it is always recommended to contact NEXT direct customer services through phone, but just in case you have a NEXT store nearby, you can always relate your issues to their customer support team which will assist and guide you at their best. Next also provides technical assistance through Next Mobile but browsing internet is equally fruitful. When online, If you already have a password set up but you cannot remember it then enter your customer number and email address and hit the reset password button, alternatively if you cannot access your emails or are having technical difficulties then contact their customer services.

Next Directory Contact Number

Track your orders

Track your order online or by dialing Next Customer service phone number which will help you be happy to hear a custom trained service executive who will resolve all your issues regarding tracking your order.

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When placed an online order for delivery, you always feel the need to track your order. Now you can do that easily by using their online tracking system. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirming your order number and details. Then once the order is dispatched, NEXT will send you an email to enable you to track your order’s location. There are several other tabs too which provide you the necessary information as to when and where your parcel has been stored and when would it be out for delivery. In case, attempts have been made to deliver the parcel and you have not been able to take it then you yourself will have to go and pick it up from their courier office. In case the courier does not reach you in time, you can contact Next customer complaints number by phoning . Also, If you have waited for a parcel and not had any tracking information or had any communication from NEXT directly, then you can always contact their customer support.

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For queries regarding returns, you can arrange for these items to be returned and collected by the courier and sent back to Next with free delivery of a new item if it is still required, providing this item is still available. Also, NEXT provides you the facility to get it exchanged, by going to any of their nearby stores and getting your query resolved ,again provided the item is still available. In case there is any discrepancy at the store or your item has not been exchanged well you can file a complaint at their technical desk through their customer service number. You will be happy to be catered by the most well trained service executives.

NEXT Customer Service

The new Next store which has opened at The Market Place, Bolton. Photo by Nigel Taggart, Newsquest (Bolton) Ltd, Thursday March 19, 2015


Check the delivery status of my order?

To check the delivery status of your order call up NEXT  and get in touch with the most reliable customer assistance which make sure that you are given the best of what you need. The executives are trained so that they make sure the customer takes a good feedback by the end of the call. Also, you can check the status of your delivery of the order by going online and in your Orders section.

Schedule a redelivery for my order?

If your order has arrived and you have not been able to collect it on time you can reschedule its delivery by contacting Next at  . This is free but you need to have all the correct details and packaging instructions before you ask them any returns or ask the delivery at a particular time. Make sure that you have the order details ready and the item set to be parceled. There can be issues and ordeals that you might face while referring to the courier company, in that case call Next Directory Customer services on and provide all your feedbacks and complaints on this number.

NEXT  has been UK’s most preferred and reliable shopping brand which has made a vital position in the global market over years. Hence its efficiency in dealing its  customers is profound.

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