NatWest Contact Number

Natwest contact number

By providing services to around 7 million customers, NatWest aims to provide best financial assistance to its customers. Queries regarding  your bank account, debit cards and cheque books can be solved by calling on the NatWest contact number. You can access this NatWest Customer Service Number 24*7 and get your problems solved at any time of the day.

NatWest Contact Number

You can Contact NatWest to know more about loans, interest rates, mortgages etc. Instead of visiting the NatWest branch, it is easy to get in touch with an advisor over the phone. Just give a call on the NatWest phone number: and the advisor will brief you about all the information regarding loans, mortgages etc. If you do not have access to the phone service, you can use the free chat service to talk to a NatWest customer service agent.

natwest bank customer service telephone number

What is NatWest?

NatWest is also known as National Westminster Bank. It is a commercial bank of United Kingdom. Headquartered in London, NatWest employs around 33,300 people in its 1400 branches. With up to 7.5 million customers part of the NatWest family, the company provides 24 hour telephone and online banking services.  There are around 850,000 small business accounts opened in the NatWest bank. To provide smooth functioning of the bank, NatWest has appointed a well trained professional team. The customer services team can be contacted over the phone. To get in touch with the team, you have to call the NatWest telephone number:

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How to Contact NatWest Customer Services team?

With money playing a major role in the banking services, there might be cases where you need to contact NatWest customer services team.  You can get in touch with the NatWest team in case of the following problems:

  • Chequebook stolen.
  • Debit Card lost or stolen.
  • Suspicious transactions on your account.
  • Unable to withdraw money from your account.
  • Unable to open your savings account.
  • Online banking queries.
  • Want to switch to NatWest.
  • Unable to transfer money from your account to another.

Getting solution to the above queries is also easy with the NatWest 24*7 phone services. Dial the Natwest Credit Card Contact:   to get a quick solution of your problem.

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Natwest Bank Contact Number

Natwest Contact Number

Contact NatWest Bank

Looking for a financial advice? Want to contact the customer services team?

The best way to get in touch with the customer service representative is by calling the Natwest Mortgage Contact number :0345 788 8444 . The best thing about the number is that you can call it anytime of the day. While calling on the NatWest phone number, make sure you provide the full information regarding your query. You can also talk to a financial advisor via free chat service available in the “Support Centre” section. Apart from this, you can  visit the “FAQ” (frequently asked questions) section to see answer of your query.

NatWest Customer Service Number

The best and the quickest way to get your query resolved is via phone service. Calling the NatWest phone number will get you in touch with the right person who will make sure that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. If you are  abroad and want to talk to an agent, you can call the NatWest bank helpline team on: +44 345 7 888 444. If you have account in Scotland, you can speak to the customer representative on the NatWest telephone number: 0345 900 0200.

NatWest Credit Card Customer Service Number

For Private and Business customers, the NatWest contact numbers are mentioned below:

  • Private customers:

NatWest customer number:

+44 118 963 9696 (calling from abroad)

  • Business customers:

NatWest Phone Number:

+44 345 7 11 44 77 (calling from abroad)

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The customer services team play an important role for the company. The team should be well trained and consumer friendly so that the customers do not face any issues while contacting them.  Whether your are a private, personal or business customer, NatWest has provided dedicated phone  numbers for everyone. As per your account category, you can contact the respective NatWest customer service number. Ensure that you share all the details of your query to the representative to make it easy for him/her to solve the problem quickly.  If you are a new customer and want help from an expert you can call the NatWest customer department on:

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NatWest Bank Customer Service

Looking for a financial advice? All you have to do is call the NatWest contact number:  . You will be directed to the NatWest financial advisor who will help you to solve the problem. The best thing about the NatWest customer service team is that they are available 24*7 . NatWest has a vast setup of customer services team who provides assistance just at a call of a button. If you are a business customer and want to discuss your problem with an expert, you can call the NatWest telephone banking number:  If you are outside U.K and want to contact NatWest, you can use the number:  . The free chat service is also available for the customers. To use this feature go to “Support center” section of the NatWest page.

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Best way to Contact NatWest

The customer team is available 24*7, so you can contact the team at any time as per your need. The best way to contact them is  by calling the NatWest UK contact number: . Normally it takes around 10-15 minutes over the phone to get the problem resolved. You will be asked certain set of questions by the representative, make sure you provide the correct answer over the phone to get a quick solution to your problem.

Below are some of the common queries with their solutions. If your problem is not resolved by the answers mentioned below, you can contact the NatWest customer service department.

How to make payment using NatWest online banking?

To make payment using the online banking, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Sign in to your NatWest account by clicking on the link:
  • Go to “Payments and transfers” section. You can find this section from the left hand menu.
  • Tap “Make a payment or transfer” under “Make a payment or transfer” section.
  • Choose the account from where you want to make the payment. Also select the payee to whom you want to pay.
  • Now enter the details such as amount and date.
  • Click on “Next” and make sure you check the payment details before you tap on “Confirm”.
  • After clicking the “Confirm” button, you will see your account summary on the page.

Failing to make a payment via online banking, call the NatWest customer services free number.

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How to add a new payee on my NatWest account?

If you want to add a new payee on your account, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to your NatWest account by clicking on the link:
  • Go to “Payments and transfers” section situated on the left hand menu.
  • Select “Manage payees” under the “Make a payment or transfer” section.
  • Tap on “Add Payee”.
  • Enter the name of the person or the company whom you want to add as a payee.
  • Enter his or her bank account number and enter the sort code.
  • Fill in the reference section.
  •  Tap on “Next” and check the details entered and authorize it with your card reader.
  • After authorization is done, the new payee will be added.

If you cannot see the new payee details on the account, get in touch with the NatWest advisor. You can talk to the advisor by calling on NatWest contact number.

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Natwest Customer Service Contact Phone Number

How can I view my Payee details?

You can view your payee details by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to your NatWest online account.
  • From the menu, click on “Payments and transfers” option.
  • Select “Manage payees” under “Make a payment or transfer” section.
  • On the “Payee list” , choose the required payee and tap on “View Payee Details” option.

Unable to find your payee details, talk to a customer representative about the problem. You can talk to the representative over the phone. Just dial the NatWest customer service number and you will be connected with a representative.

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How to delete a payee from my NatWest account?

You can delete the payee by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to your NatWest account by clicking on the link:
  • Go to “Payments and transfers” option on the menu.
  • Select “Manage payees” option under “Make a payment or transfer” section.
  • Choose the payee which you want to delete.
  • Tap on “Delete Payee” option and the full details of the Payee will be displayed.
  • Click on “Confirm” button and the payee will be deleted.

If you are unable to delete the payee on your account, you can take help form the NatWest customer services team.

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How much amount can I transfer?

You can transfer the money from your NatWest account to the other account. You can transfer:

  • A minimum of 1p amount  and a maximum up to £99,999.99 per transaction.

For more information on the transfers, call the NatWest contact number. Your call will be directed to the NatWest advisor who will brief you about the transfer process.

How to check whether my payment has been made or not?

You can check this by logging into your NatWest account. You can login by clicking on the link: Online Banking.

Once logged in, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Select the account under the “Account summary” section from where you have made the payment.
  • If the payment has been transferred immediately, you will see this in the list of most “recent transactions”.
  • If you have scheduled the payment date, you can check it online under “Manage scheduled payments”.

You can also check the payments and transfers via the NatWest mobile banking app.

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If the payment has been made from your end and is not received to the other person, call the NatWest contact number to speak to an advisor.

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