Sssh! Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Tricks and Features (.gif images) You Might Not Know

Microsoft wants to get the entire latest windows machine on the same operating system by providing the standardized Windows platform and also by pushing the several universal apps offered by the Windows Store. After the mess created by windows 8, windows 10 is looking pretty good.

Yes, it is almost free

Most people will get a free update of windows 10 specially those who run Windows 7 service pack 1 or Windows 8.1. You won’t have to pay a single cent if you upgrade it within one year.

Get your free Windows 10 upgrade

Trick to upgrade Windows 10: You can first download the ISO image for windows 10 directly from Microsoft’s web site.

You will then be able to upgrade via Windows Update, also you will glad to know that Microsoft has rolled out a get windows 10 app that really prompts you to the “reserve a copy of Windows 10 for yourself”. And right from that very moment you will start seeing the notifications in your system tray on Windows 7SP1 and Windows 8.1.

    Incase you decide to Reserve a copy of Windows 10 then your windows computer will be automatically downloading the Windows 10 into snippets. It is like preloading a game or movie in bits and pieces, this will happen when you decide to reserve a copy of Windows 10, so you won’t have to download a big massive installer from the Microsoft at the same time when everyone else is doing the same.

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Sssh! Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Tricks and Features (.gif images) You Might Not Know

To reserve please follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Windows icon located in the lower side of the system tray.
  • Once you get in the Windows 1- app please click on Reserve your free upgrades in the Windows app.
  • You will then be prompted to enter you Email if you want to confirm this reservation.
  • Your windows will be start downloading and you will also be notified when your Windows 10 is ready. You can also cancel your reservation any time you want to.

Upgrade: After the entire reservation thing, you are queue for your upgrade; watch out for the notification from the get window 10 app. So, at any point you can upgrade Windows 10 immediately or pick a time that works for you to upgrade.

New features in Windows 10:

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore emphasized repeatedly that there might be rough spots as this a very early build without even all the features that has been announced, So Microsoft can expect that there is plenty more to come if talk about Microsoft Windows 10?Sssh! Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Tricks and Features (.gif images) You Might Not Know

Sssh! Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Tricks and Features (.gif images) You Might Not Know

Start: finally got it back.

Yes!! The start menu is finally back. As expected, the Start menu is the default if you use Windows 10 with a keyboard or the mouse. You also pin your favorite live tiles in multiple sizes. Not to forget with a complete jump lists for files you will also be provided with the search box remember? It was used to run commands and a power button for shutting down or restarting your PC.

You can also resize the Start menu; you can drag to change its height accordingly. Which simply means you can change the settings just by picking a random setting rather than just dragging the mouse

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Sssh! Microsoft Windows 10 Secret Tricks and Features (.gif images) You Might Not Know

Snaps, apps and Virtual Desktops: now navigate easily.

Moving through the Open windows by using the shortcut has been used since 1990 and till date it gives you a line of windows to choose from. Similarly as with Windows 8.1, those now incorporate any cutting edge applications you have running, and those now open as windows on the desktop like whatever other programming you’re running, prepared to be resized or snapped one next to the other. The new Task View catch on the taskbar arrives to present the thought of moving between windows to the greater part of Windows clients who’ve never attempted Alt Tab.

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The virtual desktops are not a new idea though but they have never been used on a serious level in the main Windows feature because they really can be confusing for a user to manage. There is a slight clue in the taskbar which may help you; for example- if an app is open but not in the current desktop, it may shows up as a underlined rather than outlined in the task bar and if you click on its icon you may go straight to access it.

Now the question remains whether that’s more than enough to stop a feature which designed only for the power users from confusing everyone else certainly the signals to the desktop power users are that the Windows 10 is supposed to be designed for them or not.

Charms bar: newly evolved search bar

Regardless of bits of gossip, the Charms bar that you get when you swipe the edge of a touch screen hasn’t gone away in Windows 10, yet you may not see it when you utilize the Windows-C console shortcut. If by chance that you have a mouse and console and the window that is dynamic is a present day application like the Windows Store, that console easy route raises a smaller than expected Charms menu hanging off the upper left corner of the application.

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     This has the three specks that give you any additional charges, now obviously marked as App Commands, the Search, Share and Settings charms that are for the most part on the Charms bar, in addition to other helpful orders like Play, Print and Project, in addition to the choice of running the application Full Screen. On the off chance that you can’t print from the application, the Print appeal is on the menu yet turned grayed out.

Notifications: now more user friendly.

Things are much better in windows 10 as it has the Action centre equivalent to Windows Phone 8 that completes with the toggle buttons for the most common settings.

        In case you miss a pop- up notification they appear will be appearing in the bottom right corner and you can also swipe it from the right side on a touch screen to the display the notification bar. You can also clear the notifications individually or in one fell pounce, as it is the one feature that is frustratingly absent in iOS.

Microsoft Edge Browser: Shiny new Web Browser.

There is a new web browser in Windows 10 and it offers some of the unique features as well as the reading mode that you will much aware of if you use other browsers, there is a new annotation feature as well that allows you to highlight things and add notes and crops to a certain area of page before sending them to others. The edge has been specially designed to have a minimal interface, which leaves as much screen realty as possible for the web pages to have: the whole reason that you are using a browser is to view them

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Search and Cortana: now available on desktop version.

This is one of the smartest moves taken by Microsoft as it is ready to serve you up with whatever you desire to find or want to know.

You will be familiar to Cortana already if you are using a Smartphone having Windows 8. The beauty using Windows 10 is that you can type or talk to her and it is the same in Windows 10.

Our Verdict:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/1361673630850786730.gif

If we talk about the home users, although Windows 10 is free so that means that there is really no reason as a user to upgrade it up. Windows 10 is all about balancing the demands of the different users. Microsoft is making IT teams comfortable with the BYOD and consumerisation features introduced in Windows 8by providing them more security options and more management. The technically Windows 10 is designed to make power users happy, as the copy is done for the world.

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