How To Manage YouView App?

Managing YouView app BT

Managing YouView app

YouView is not a BT app but it will work with any YouView + box. If you have an Android or Apple devices, you can download this app for free.

YouView – Android Apps on Google Play     |     YouView on the App Store on iTunes – Apple

Features of YouView App:

  • You can browse the TV guide for next 7 days but this is not applicable for the past few days.
  • It provides you with extra information about any programme you want to view.
  • You can also send the recording request to YouView + box.

Once you have connected your device to a YouView+ box, while launching the app you will find that the programme guide will open automatically.

Things that you should know about YouView app:

  • You should send the request to record the programme at least 15 minutes before the programmes starts.
  • This app does not show what’s previously been set on the recording, so you will have to keep a check on that to avoid recording clashes.
  • You can connect upto 5 devices at a single time on the YouView box.

Connecting your device to your YouView+ Box

Connecting your device to your YouView+ box is very simple right after the moment you have installed the app onto your device. To use this app you have to ensure that your device is successfully connected to the internet and then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Accept all the terms and condition and launch the app on your device, you will then see the instructions on how to connect your device.
  • Go to Settings>>Device Management>>Mobile devices >> Connect device. After a few seconds, you will see an eight digit code on your TV screen.2(1)
  • Enter the code in “Enter Connection Code” settings and then you will see a successfully connected to your device message on your TV screen.


Sending a Recording Request

Once you are connected to YouView + Box


  • Click on the “today” button and select a day for the next 7 days.


  • By using the navigations buttons scroll through the programme guide.
  • Select the content you would like to record and then press [R] record button.
  • A pop-up window will notify you that the recording had been sent and you will see the “sent” button next to the [R] button.
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