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esa phone number

Get support for all your queries by dialling DWP ESA Contact number: . This number will connect you directly with ESA customer services centre where all your issues will be handled. Normally people call to ESA customer services centre to know about their existing benefit claim or to make a new claim. You can call this number from 8 am to 6pm on weekdays.

ESA Phone Number

0800 055 6688

How To Contact ESA Customer Service?

To know about ESA financial support, types of ESA, hardship payments, benefits, then you have to just make a call at DWP ESA customer service contact number: . Standard call rates will be applied by calling on this phone number. You may also be charged your phone provider’s access charge. Alternatively you can give a call at localised ESA contact number: . Calling on this number cheaper than calling on 0843 numbers. This number can also be called when you find the other number busy.

Need esa phone number for claiming employment and support allowance?

Contact ESA

Looking for ESA (Employment And Support Allowance) contact number? Want to take help from advisor? Want to apply for ESA? These are some common queries in users mind. To get answers to your questions we are sharing you the ESA customer support service phone number:  where one can consult the ESA customer services executive.

Major reasons to contact ESA are as follows:

  • To get financial support from ESA.
  • To apply for ESA.
  • To know about the eligibility criteria for ESA claim.
  • To know about types of ESA that best suits you.
  • To know about payment methods.
  • To claim your ESA support.
  • Plus many more.

ESA Free Phone Number

0800 055 6688

In these cases, it is better to consult the ESA representative on their official customer services number mentioned above. British government has setup many ESA customer services centre in UK, to provide help to people who need financial support and also to make them financially independent. This can also be said as a welfare initiative to support people who are disabled or suffering from long term illness and who are unable to get job due to their illness. In order to make a claim or know more about ESA, it is advisable to contact ESA representative over the phone.

phone number for esa

What is ESA?

ESA is a benefit program started by UK government to provide financial support to the disabled people who are unable to get job due to their illness. ESA also provides a personalised help for people who can work in industries.

There are two types of ESA:

  1. Contribution based ESA: If you are in a work related activity group, then this type of ESA lasts for one year. You can apply it again at least twelve weeks after your Contribution based ESA ends. You are qualified again for this ESA, depending upon the following conditions:
  • Your National Insurance contributions that you have paid in last two to three full tax years.
  • If your health got worse and you were placed in the support group.

You can claim contribution based ESA ,multiple times if you are in the support group.

  1. Income related ESA: You can qualify this type of ESA if you are not eligible for contribution based ESA. The amount of money support you get depends on

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You may qualify for income-related ESA if you no longer qualify for contribution-based ESA.The amount of financial support you get depends upon your circumstances. Alos there is no limit on this type of ESA.

On 27 October 2008, the Employment and Support Allowance replaced Income Support claimed on grounds of sickness or disability. Wikipedia

Explore: Income Support
  • Incapacity Benefit is being replaced with Employment and Support Allowance ( ESA ).
  • The Work Capability Assessment is the test for employment and support allowance (ESA).

ESA Contact Numbers

We are sharing some contact numbers to get in touch with ESA customer services department below:

  • ESA customer services telephone number 0800 055 6688.
  • ESA textphone contact number: 0800 023 4888.
  • To get support in Welsh language, then dial ESA phone number: 0800 012 1888.

Timings to contact ESA at all these number are from 8 am to 6pm on weekdays.

Call on the above phone numbers, if you want to get assistance from ESA customer services team or while making a claim.

If you want to claim a hardship payment, then you have to speak to Jobcentre Plus adviser. To contact JobCentre Plus customer services adviser, use the phone numbers mentioned below:

  • Jobcentre Plus telephone number: 0345 608 8545
  • Jobcentre Plus textphone number: 0345 608 8551
  • To get support in Welsh Language: 0345 600 3018

Timings to contact Jobcentre are same as ESA phone number timings that is from 8 am to 6pm on weekdays.

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ESA Financial Support:

If a person is proclaimed as unfit for work, then they are eligible to receive basic payment from ESA for around 13 weeks. The basic allowance will be as follows:

  • If the person age is below 25 years, then he/she will get upto £57.90/week.
  • If the person age is above 25 years, then he/she will get upto £73.10/week.

After that if a person qualifies for ESA, then he/she will be put into one of the 2 groups of ESA and will get the following allowance:

  • If the person is in support group, then he/she will be eligible for  £109.30 /week.
  • If the person is in work related activity group, he/she will be eligible for £102.15/week.
  • If the person is in support group and on Income Related type of ESA, then he/she will get an increased disability premium at £15.75/week. Also the disability premium can go upto £61.85/week.

To learn more about ESA financial support, simply dial phone number for esa:  0800 055 6688. Timings to call this number are from 8 am to 6pm on weekdays.

ESA contact number existing claim

dwp esa customer service contact phone number free

0800 055 6688

Making an ESA Claim

The simplest and easiest way to make a claim is by calling on ESA contact number:   This number will straightaway connect you to the ESA customer services executive who will help you in making the claim. Make sure you have the following information with you while making a claim over phone:

  1. Your medical certificate.
  2. Your national insurance number.
  3. Your home and mobile telephone numbers.
  4. If there is any mortgage, then you have to provide the mortgage details.
  5. Your bank account details.
  6. If you are getting any benefits such as sick pay etc. then you have to share this details also over the phone.
  7. Also share your GP’s address and phone number.

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Different Ways To Contact ESA Customer Services Centre

Get in touch with ESA customer services team members in various ways. However,the best option to contact them is over the phone in which you have to simply call on ESA contact number:  . Some people may prefer to use online medium to contact ESA. For that the organization has provided various methods to get in touch with them. We are sharing some links below to contact ESA customer services executive.

To contact ESA customer services representative on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. You can post some of your queries or experiences on ESA official accounts.

If you want to check out latest online videos on ESA, then you can watch them on ESA youtube channel: DisabilityRightsUK1 . You will come across various videos in which ESA customer service team members are sharing solution to the most asked user queries.

To visit official site of ESA, visit the link:  employment-support-allowance/overview . On this site, you can also view ESA customer services phone numbers.

ESA Benefit phone number

If you are having any complaints regarding ESA such as long time to make your claim, not getting the desired financial support. Then you can report a complaint to ESA customer services executive. For that you have to give a call on ESA contact number: You can also use the phone number:  For more information on complaints phone number, follow the link: .

Below are some SA general queries and their solutions. If you think your problem is not getting solved by the below solutions or you have any other query in mind, then simply call on ESA contact phone number:  for further assistance.

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What is the eligibility criteria for ESA?

You are eligible for ESA if your illness causes hindrances to your work. The other eligibility criterias are mentioned below:

  • Your age comes under the State Pension age.
  • You are not eligible for any Jobseeker’s allowance.
  • If you are not getting any Statutory Sick Pay.

If the above eligibility criteria for ESA mets, then to make a claim, simply call on ESA contact number:

Does my savings affect my Income related ESA?

Yes , your savings make makes an impact on your Income related or contribution based ESA. Your income include the following things:

  • You and your spouse’s income.
  • If you have savings over £6,000
  • And if you have any pension income.

TIP: You will not be qualified for Income related ESA, if you have savings upto  £16,000.

To know about relation between your savings and Income related ESA, call on ESA phone number:

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