Equifax Contact Number

If you are in search of a Equifax contact number or want to contact the Equifax customer service team, then use the Equifax number given above. Discuss your credit report with the Equifax customer service as the Equifax contact number directly connects you to them. To know about the timings to call the Equifax contact phone number, you can call them from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week. Expect Equifax support centre to be closed on bank holidays.

Equifax Contact Number

Available from 8am – 8pm daily (except 25th & 26th December).

*Calls are free from UK landlines and since 1 July 2015 free from UK mobiles.

**Calls from landlines and mobiles are normally included in bundled call packages, otherwise calls cost 9.58p per minute and 15.97p connection fee from a BT landline, other networks and mobiles may vary.

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Equifax Contact Number Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm.

Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm.

Contact Equifax Via Post

If you are looking to contact Equifax customer service instead of using the official Equifax contact number, then use the post method. Write your question in written and send it to the Equifax department at the following address:

Write At:

Equifax Ltd.,

Customer Service Centre,

PO Box 10036,


LE3 4FS.

What Is Equifax?

equifax contact number

Equifax is a credit reporting agency that was founded in USA in the year 1899. Although there are many centres in various parts of UK, but its main headquarter is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. It is one of the oldest agency whose main work is to gather and maintain information of more than 800 million customers and around 90 million businesses across the world. The key person associated with the company is the CEO and the Chairman, Rick Smith. Equifax is considered to be a leader in the credits solutions by many credit experts. The Equifax contact number: can be used seven days a week to contact the customer care representatives.

Equifax phone number

What Are The Equifax Offered Services?

Equifax is primarily known as a credit agency in US and UK. The company offers credit scores, credit reports and provide risk analysis to the creditors. Many people contact Equifax department daily regarding their credit reports. If you want to improve your credit report so that you can take loans and get other financial benefits, contact the Equifax customer service representative. One simple call can bring a smile to your face. Don’t leave any of your query unanswered and get ready to take help even on weekends.

It is very much important to understand that your credit score plays a big role in determine your credit rating. If you are low in credit score, then you cannot access many of the financial benefits such as taking more loan etc. In order to access your credit file, you will have to sign up for Equifax on the monthly basis. After getting the credit score you can take advice from the Equifax executive on how to improve it. The daily credit monitoring notification will be sent either on your email or through text message. In order to request a credit report, use the Equifax contact number shared above. Your credit score will be used by the lenders in order to provide you financial support and other loans. The customers can access the thirty day trial period before subscribing the paid version. The report will contain all the credit improvement tips, weekly credit alerts etc.

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Contact Equifax Customer Service Department

There can be various times where one needs to  get in touch with the Equifax customer service representative. The Equifax contact number is mostly called when the customer has a bad credit and want to improve his credit report. If you are also one of the customer who is in need to improve their credit report, use the equifax phone number for free credit report . Your call will be taken by the official and well trained Equifax customer services team. So you do not have to worry about the involvement of any third party member or executive. Calls can be made on equifax contact number at their opening times which is from 8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday). After your call is connected, you will have to choose from the system options to connect to the specified department. Contact the Equifax customer services representative via email: commercialuk@equifax.com .

Why To Call Equifax Customer Service Phone Number?

Call the Equifax customer service phone number for the following reasons:

  • To ask queries related to your credit report.

  • To make a complaint.

  • To cancel or make changes to your subscriptions.

  • To set up fraud protection.

  • For bad credit recovery.

  • For business as well as personal assistance.

  • To get help when your card is rejected.

  • Plus many more.

In any of these cases contact the customer support team by using the official Equifax contact number  . The Equifax customer service advisor will work with you to improve your credit scoring and help you with all your credit related issues. When calling make sure you have all your details with you. Call Equifax as soon as possible when you find that your credit score is depreciating. The customer representative will also give you the reasons why your credit score is depreciating. So it is best advisable to use the equifax head office number to solve all your problems.

Equifax cancellation contact number

Some Useful Links

The below links will help you to connect to the specific page of Equifax.

  • Equifax official page: http://www.equifax.co.uk/.

  • Equifax online registration page: https://equifaxuk.custhelp.com/app/utils/create_account/redirect/ask .

  • Equifax login page: https://www.econsumer.equifax.co.uk/consumer/uk/showmyequifax.ehtml

  • Equifax Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Equifax/.

  • Equifax Twitter page: https://twitter.com/equifaxuk.

  • Equifax Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/equifax.

  • Equifax app for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.equifax&hl=en_GB.

  • Equifax app for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/equifax-mobile/id347634120?mt=8.

Equifax Customer Complaints

If you want to make a complaint, then you can raise your complaint by the following method:

  • Via Online: You have to sign into your account to submit your complaint.

  • Via Phone: For making a complaint, dial the equifax business contact number . Timings to contact this number are from 8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday) . The calls are free from all the UK landline phones.

  • Via Email: To email your complaint, use the Equifax Customer Service Complaint id: RelationsUK@equifax.com .

  • Via Post: Use the postal method to make a complaint, write your complaint and send it at the following address.

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Postal Address:

Customer Relations,


PO Box 10036,


LE3 4FS.

Equifax Trial Service

Subscribe for one month trial version of Equifax services to monitor your credit scores. After the 30 days trial is over, you can opt for the paid subscription. It is easy to subscribe for paid version but many subscribers cancel their subscription. If you want to cancel the Equifax trial services, then you need to call the Equifax customer service representative. While calling make sure you have your Equifax account details with you. If you weren’t satisfied with the trial version, then also you can provide your feedback or make a complaint to the company’s customer service department by ringing on the Equifax phone number . The calls made on this number are free from any UK landline phones and call this number at its opening timings which is from 8 am to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday). Equifax customer service department is closed on bank holidays.

Below are some common questions and their solutions that will help you in case of any problem. If you find the below answer not useful or have any other question, then feel free to contact the Equifax contact number: 0800 014 2955.

Equifax head office number

How to cancel or make changes to my Equifax subscription?

In order to make changes  to your Equifax subscription, you need to give a call on the equifax phone number to cancel:  or on Equifax free phone number: . The Customer service team is available at the following timings:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm.

Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm.

The helpline will be closed on 25th and 26th December.

You will have to answer some questions on phone in order to verify your security details. If you don’t answer these questions, then no changes will be made. In case you cancel the services, you will not receive any weekly alerts.

What to do if my Electoral Roll details are incorrect?

You don’t have to do anything if you are only registered on the electoral roll.  The local authority will tell the Equifax advisors and they will update the details on their records. It may take up to six weeks from the date you register. If you have registered the electoral roll over 6 weeks ago, then you have to contact your local authority to confirm that you are registered at your current address. If you have had confirmation of your electoral roll details, then you need to attach them to a query form and send it to Equifax. You can do this by clicking on the link: https://equifaxuk.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form/redirect/ask . If you are not registered, then you have to create a new account by clicking the “Sign Up” option. After logging in, go to the option “Ask a Question” and choose the option “I have a question about Electoral Roll”.

If you have any questions related to your electoral roll, then don’t forget to call on the equifax cancellation contact number: 0800 014 2955 and get the query answered.

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