EDF Energy Customer Services Contact Number

edf contact number

If there is an emergency such as gas leakage or electricity short circuit,inform the EDF customer services team as soon as possible. In cases where you are unable to access your EDF online account and want to make the payment, give a call on EDF Energy Contact Number . Do you have any complaint related to your recent bill and want to raise the complaint with customer representative, feel free to call on EDF Energy Customer Services contact number. For new customers who want to sign up for EDF Energy can talk to someone via telephone on am to  the following phone number . Timings to call this number are from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.:

EDF Contact Number

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What Is EDF Energy?

EDF is an energy company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2002, EDF supplies gas and electricity to the people of U.K. With around six million people part of the company, EDF has set up its various customer service centres in U.K. The company has appointed around fourteen thousand people to provide support and services in these service centres. The company uses following methods to generate electricity in the region:

  • Wind Energy.
  • Nuclear Energy.
  • Use of Fossil fuels.
  • Renewable Energy.

To get assistance from its customer services centre, give a call on EDF energy phone number: . You can call this customer services phone number from 8 am to 8 pm on Weekdays and from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

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Edf Gas Contact Number

How to get in touch with EDF Customer Services?

Some important EDF contact numbers and their timings are shared below:

For Existing Customers:

    • Account and Bill queries: If you are unable to access your account or would like to discuss your bill with company executive, call on  EDF Energy contact number:  . Timings: Weekdays- 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday- 8 am to 2pm.
    • Meter reading and services: To submit your electricity meter readings or want to install a new meter, call EDF customer services phone number:  . You can get assistance on this telephone number 24*7.
    • Set up Direct Debit on your EDF Energy account: To make bill payments, you can set up a Direct debit on your EDF Energy account. Give a call to EDF Energy customer executive on phone number:  
  • For Emergency cases: In emergency scenarios such as Gas leakage or fire due to electric short circuit, contact EDF Energy customer services phone number:  . Get assistance on this phone number 24*7.
  • For New customers: New customers can contact EDF sales team on phone number:  
  • EDF Energy International number: Call EDF Energy international customer services telephone number:  to get in touch with the customer representative.

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Why There Is A Need To Contact EDF Energy Customer Services Team?

EDF Energy has set up its customer services department in various parts of U.K. The well trained professional team is available on weekdays and saturdays to solve your queries. You might have some questions in your mind that you would like to discuss with the customer representative. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • For general queries.
  • For online account and Direct debit queries.
  • Problems regarding your billing statements.
  • To make a complaint to EDF Energy.
  • Sales enquiries.
  • Plus Many More.

Getting assistance to these queries is not an anxious task anymore. Just give a call on EDF Energy customer services phone number:  

EDF Energy Customer Service Number

0800 056 7777

EDF Energy Customer Service Number

What Is The Best Option To Contact EDF Energy Customer Services?

The best option to contact EDF Energy customer services department is over the phone. A professional team is appointed to assist you with all your queries. Before calling the EDF Energy customer services team, make sure you provide your EDF Energy “customer number”. You can also provide your EDF Energy “policy number”. The advisor may also ask your date of  birth and address. When you call this telephone number:  , you will be connected an IVR. Select the options as per your problem. This process might take few minutes to get you in touch with EDF Energy executive.

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For new customers who want to switch to EDF Energy can contact sales team on phone number:   This number is for both business and residential customers who want to subscribe EDF Energy services. Queries related to your online account and billing information can be solved by contacting this number.

Edf Energy Contact Number Free

Customers who are unable to access phone services can use free chat services offered by EDF Energy. There is also a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on the official site of EDF Energy.

Using EDF Energy To Charge Your Car

People who are using electric cars in U.K will no longer have to wait for charging their cars. EDF Energy can help you to keep your car charged. All you have to do is call on EDF phone number:   to ask the representative about car charging solutions. The company executive will guide you with the instructions to charge your car via EDF Energy. The company has setup a dedicated team to handle queries related to your electric vehicles. Talk to an expert by calling on EDF helpline phone number:

Edf Energy Contact Phone Number

Edf Energy Contact Phone Number

Help During Relocation

Sometimes, small and big business needs to relocate. In that case you can inform EDF Energy customer representative about the relocation. Or smooth transferring of services to your new location, call the representative on EDF Energy customer services phone number:  . You can also submit “Moving Location Request” on the official website of EDF Energy.

Please Note: You have to inform the company about relocation twenty eight days before moving to new location.

EDF Renewable Energy For Residential Customers:

To get renewable energy for your home, you have to contact EDF Energy customer services team on  phone number:  . The company representative will walk you through methods to harness renewable energy with EDF Energy devices such as an air source heat pump, solar thermal hot water and solar photovoltaic equipments. To install energy solutions at your residence, give a call on EDF Energy telephone number:

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