DVLA Cardiff Contact Number

DVLA Cardiff Contact Number

Find email or postal address to contact DVLA Cardiff about vehicle registration, tax enquiries, driving licences, medical enquiries and Sorn. Dial the  DVLA Cardiff Contact Number at 0300 790 6802. Opening timings are from 8 am to 7 pm every Mondays to Fridays or on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm

DVLA Cardiff Contact Number

0300 790 6802

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DVLA Contact Numbers for Cardiff

Local DVLA Office Cardiff

Archway House
77 Ty Glas Avenue
CF14 5DX
For driving licences:0300 790 6801

DVLA Cardiff Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday
9.00 am to 5.00 pm;
9.30 am to 5.00 pm on the second Wednesday of every month

Are you aware of the fact that there is a certain standard of vision needed while you are driving in Cardiff and in other cities in the UK? If you are caught driving without fulfilling the standards of vision needed for the driving, you may also have to face prosecution for that. According to the standards of the vision needed for driving, it is important that you are able to read the number of the car plate made after September 1st 2001, the main thing that makes it interesting is that you need to read from a distance of 20m.

You should have a visual brilliance of a minimum decimal of 0.5 (6/12) when measured on Snellen scale. You also need to have a minimum field of vision. In case you have any query regarding the standard of vision, you can dial DVLA Customer Service number in Cardiff 0300 790 6802  . Rest assured that your queries will be resolved on the telephone and you can expect a resolution to queries other than standard of vision needed for driving.

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DVLA Contact Number Helpline

If you drive a bus or a lorry, the visual brilliance that you need to have is of at least 0.8 (6/7.5) when measured on Snellen scale in your best eye. And for another eye, it should be 0.1 (6/60) on the Snellen scale. It is imperative you are having a horizontal visual field of a minimum of 160 degrees along with an extension of a minimum of 70 degrees on the left side, and for the right side it should be 30 degrees up and down. Make sure you don’t have any defect with a radius of the central 30 degrees.

If you are unable to meet the above-mentioned standards of vision needed for driving, make sure you have informed DVLA (Diving & Vehicle Licensing Authority) about it. DVLA is an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK. The agency was formed in 1990 and it replaced Driver & Vehicle Licencing Centre (DVLC). DVLA holds over 40 million driver records and more than 30 million vehicle records in the UK. This information helps in making improvements in the road safety, support environmental initiative, limit vehicle tax evasion, reduce vehicle-related crimes, etc.

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DVLA Contact Numbers for Cardiff

When you appear for a driving test, you will have to read the number place of a parked vehicle correctly, in case you are unable to do it then you will fail this test. The same information will be passed on to DVLA and your licence will also be cancelled.

When you reapply for your driving licence, as per DVLA you will have to undergo an eyesight test with DVSA at the driving test centre. If you successfully pass the test, you would still have to pass DVSA standard eyesight test at your next practical driving test to have the driving licence. If you still have any doubt or query related to the driving test, you can dial DVLA contact number in Cardiff 0300 790 6802  . Your call will be attended by one of the customer support representatives; he/she will provide a resolution if you have any other query related to DVLA.

DVLA Cardiff contact number 0300 790 6802  will also come handy if you want to ask any question related to driver medical enquiries, vehicle registration, tax enquiries, or if you have any general enquiry. The customer support team is supportive and will be patient with your queries related to car tax disc enquiries, driving licence, reporting lost licence, etc.


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