How To Delete Sky+ HD Box Planner Recordings?

Deleting your Sky+ HD Box planner recordings can be done by following the steps mentioned below:


In order to delete a Single recording:

Choose the programme which you want to delete from the planner by using the “up/down” arrow buttons on your Sky Tv remote. Once the programme is highlighted, press the “yellow” button to delete the recording form your Sky Tv planner.

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In order to delete multiple recordings:

If you want to delete multiple recordings or a stack, select those recordings or stack and press the yellow button to delete all your recordings from the Sky planner. You will get an option whether to “Delete All Viewed or Delete All”. Confirm either of the option and your recordings will be deleted from your Sky+ HD Box planner. In Cases where you have set up a pin to secure your recordings, you will then have to enter the pin in order to delete your recordings.

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remove planned recordings sky+hd boxIf you need assistance while deleting your recordings on Sky Tv Planner, contact Sky Tv customer services department on phone number mentioned here.