BT’s Rivals Gear Up For The Challenge Ahead – Scene Is Set For The Battle

BT Sets The Scene For Battle With Rivals(1)

The merger of BT and EE has forced many companies in Britain to enter the markets in which they were not active previously. Major competitors of BT and EE such as Vodafone and Sky are ready to takeover the market competition by launching new services across Britain. The users will evidence some tough competition between these major telecom giants this year.

To challenge British Telecommunications, Vodafone is coming up with its new TV services in Britain. Users can subscribe its Tv services in this quarter. It is expected to be launched with different bundled service packages. While preparing for its new services, Vodafone has proposed Ofcom to stress BT to provide competitive access to the infrastructure it manages. This is a long running issues for the rivals of British Telecommunications. Now the focus has been switched to the regulator’s market review next year as Ofcom has committed to check the BT service management.

Vodafone has published a detailed summary of its submission to Ofcom’s Strategic Review, with the separation of BT from Openreach still one of the most pressing issues.

The CEO of Vodafone, Jeroen Hoencamp while speaking about 2016 brand’s plans said that it expects Ofcom would tackle BT head on in the review.

The Ofcom’s digital communications review will contour the market not only in 2016 but also in the later years. Ofcom has only one opportunity in a ten years time to force British Telecommunications to bring about a step change in the competitive access to the established digital infrastructure and to gear up the UK economy.

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BT Sets The Scene For Battle


BT’s main rival in television market, Sky is ready to enter the mobile market. However the launch is not expected until spring. Some industries suggest that the mobile phones launch could be postponed until the summer season as Sky is also launching its new Tv set top box. After denying the news many time of launching mobile phones, Sky is finally venturing into the mobile phone market. By announcing the news in January last year, Sky has signed up a multi year MVNO contract with another British company O2.

Paolo Pescatore, one of the CCS Insight member believes that despite delays, Sky has all the ingredients to achieve heights in mobile market. As Sky has been a big name in home communications, the same way it will achieve success in mobile market as well.

Adding one more services to its existing armoury, it is anticipated that it will be a big year of Sky. More than 12 billion households in UK are subscribing Sky services, so it will be an opportunity for the company to provide mobile phone services to either two or three people in these households. Recently Sky has launched its latest set top box , SKY Q that may delay the launching of its own mobile device. Just like BT, Sky also has an opportunity to use mobile services as a procurement driver.

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It was thought that the last year would be a big year for multi play service offerings, but nothing much happened in that year. Now it is expected that 2016 will be a year for the comprehensive sale of these multi play services.

The legal time limit for the Competition and Markets Authority’s decision on the alliance is 18th January. EE has recently announced that their CEO Olaf Swantee will be stepping down once the alliance took place. He will be replaced by the telecom industry veteran Marc Allera. Sky has drop down the opportunity to comment on this.

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