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Where can I find phone number for British Gas?

To contact British Gas Customer Service contact 0800 048 0202. Phoning British Gas is the most effective way to get in touch regarding all your energy related queries.Whenever people feel they urgently need to get in touch with British Gas, they can call up British Gas Contact Number 0800 048 0202. The British Gas customer service is available weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday. British Customer Service fosters to provide its customers the best of the solution regarding any of their queries.

British Gas Contact Number (freephone)

0800 048 0202.

About British Gas

British Gas is UK’s leading supplier of gas, energy and power with its leading customer countries being England, Wales and Scotland. Supplying over 10 million people with energy and electricity. British Gas customer service is well known for its efficiency and sincerity in dealing with their customers. Being friendly to deal with, British Gas Homecare Contact Number is a sole example of consumer friendly feedback service.

British Gas

However lately British Gas has been facing a withdrawal of more than 400,000 customers after the hike in their energy prices. Being an affirmative enterprise British Gas not just provides electricity and gas but also the company has taken a number of measures to make energy more accessible for users, with a tariff checker tool, simplified tariffs, and tariff comparisons available. British Gas was awarded the IMRG Best Utility Supplier 2013 and won the uSwitch Energy Awards in 2012.

Hence, British Gas marks itself as an enterprise that does not let its customers go futile.It understands its provision and their needs. To contact British Gas Homecare Contact Number dial 0800 048 0202.

British Gas Pay as You Go Energy Enquiries: 0800 048 0202

Being acknowledged as  the largest supplier of energy within the United Kingdom, British Gas has high amounts of goodwill to its credit . With not just the provision of Gas and electricity, the company has fostered to provide something more comprehensive by providing homes and businesses with gas and electricity, and additionally offers boiler fitting, roof insulation, and various other home services. Having been set up decades ago, British Gas was originally a government operated enterprise. In 1986, the company made the move to privatization, raising billions of pounds for the British treasury.

Until now British Gas pursues the aim to supply continuous energy to millions of customers, while simultaneously promoting the safest and most economical ways of providing gas and electricity to homes and businesses.

Why should you prefer British Gas?

British Gas is best known for its effective and affirmative services. British Gas is the best-known energy supplier in the UK. They are also the leading UK energy supplier of gas and electricity, ahead of the other big five, and a leading supplier of boilers and servicing solutions. The company has gained to its account the most valuable resources that date back to 1812. The company was founded in 1997 by Chris Weston, its Managing Director. The company is well run and it is highly profitable. For instance, British Gas made £528 million from supplying homes in the first half of 2015 alone, which is more than they made in the whole of 2014. This huge increase in profits came as the company increased its energy prices for winter. However, this positive press was overshadowed by an announcement the previous week that the company only cut family bills by 5% in the same period. This led to outrage, however the negative press surrounding this incident died down within a few months, and business resumed as usual.


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British Gas energy Company UK_Infographic

British Gas Electricity Contact Number

Also, British Gas charges the most budgeted prices and is the most competitive among the ‘big six’ energy suppliers. In 2014, a survey found that 70% of their customers had voluntarily voted them as the best. The company is well known for its excellent customer service and quick assistance through its telephonic services. Call British Gas Customer service anytime and they will be there to assist you. One noteworthy advantage of  being a British Gas customer at the moment is that there are a fee or extra pricing if you choose to switch between British Gas energy tariffs – so if a tariff isn’t working out for you, you can switch without it costing you a penny. Contact British Gas and make the most of the user friendly services.

Whenever it comes to the market forces, British Gas power has had an impulsive target of 11 million homes across the United Kingdom, where it supplies enormous energy and also gives employment to over 28,000 staff based across the UK.

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How to make a complaint to British gas?

You can contact British Gas customer service anywhere anytime by using the most efficient British Gas Emergency Contact Number to enquire about what services they provide to businesses and homes.

British Gas customer service phone number 0800 048 0202

British Gas HomeCare customers can contact their customer service Monday to Friday. They can call up to register a service, book enquiries, to book an appointment because of an emergency, or simply to find out more about the level of cover. Thousands of British Gas customers have availed this facility of British Gas customer service and have used it to successfully have their issues to be dealt with. Customer service from British Gas is efficient and the vast majority of customers are satisfied by British Gas response times. Whenever people spend they also want the company to be responsive enough to the issues of its customers. British Gas guarantees you the best of support and services.

British Gas Homecare Customer Service

0800 048 0202


British Gas Service plans:

Homecare for  British Gas

Being a service plan from British Gas, the service plans vary from 100,200,300 and 400. For further assistance you may refer to the detailed British Gas Contact Us information provided below:

Homecare 100

Homecare 100 comprises of energy just for boilers and control.It always better to refer to the other plans by British Gas for you to help your central heating system.

Homecare 200

HomeCare 200 covers the boiler, controls and central heating systems. It is recommended for rather shorter properties and can not summate adequacy in extreme weather conditions.

Homecare 300

Homecare 300 includes plumbing and drains in addition to the boiler, all the controls and central heating systems.

Homecare 400

Homecare 400 covers your home electrical system, including, the boilers, controls and the central heating systems. This plan comes with the utmost recommendation due to its efficiency and durability. It is not much expensive and serves all the needs.

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British Gas Central office

You can contact British Gas through British Gas Contact number 0800 048 0202 or you can rather contact their main office:

British Gas

PO Box 227


S98 1PD.

British Gas Free Phone Number

0800 048 0202

Pay as you go facility

If you are a British Gas prepayment customer, otherwise known as a prepaid or pay-as-you-go customer, you might like to get in touch with British Gas customer services for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you are having trouble topping up your prepayment card, perhaps you are having supply issues despite having credit on your account or perhaps you are having a new prepaid meter installed but you need to change the date of your appointment. For all of these enquiries plus much more, you can call our British Gas prepayment number (pay as you go contact number) on 0843 770 5045 for fast and efficient customer service. This telephone number is operational Monday to Friday, and the average call length is just 8 minutes.

Pay as you go with British Gas

Pay as you go tariffs, also known as prepaid and prepayment tariffs,  are the most preferable choices amongst the customers regarding the highest level of control over their electricity and gas usage. The way such a tariff works is simple – you top up a prepayment card, and then simply insert it into a prepaid meter, to avail the respective services. when you no longer use the energy, you simply turn off your appliances or you can remove the card to cut the supply of energy completely. The latter works great for energy-hungry appliances, like ovens.The prepaid process is simple and cuts time and helps customers sort their issues better.

Whenever you call British Gas the assistance service assures you are in the right department to hold the best help to offer. British Gas is also accessible through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. You can post and subscribe to their services whenever the need be.

British Gas Customer Service Number

0800 048 0202

British Gas Contact Number

British Gas customer helpdesk

In case of any urgent requirements or loss of energy, you may always call up the British Gas contact number 0800 048 0202. The customers may also refer to the helpdesk facility provided exclusively catering to the quick assistance for its customers. Dial British Gas contact telephone number 0800 048 0202

Recharging your card

You can recharge your British Gas Service card by dialing 0800 048 0202 from 8 AM to 8 PM. The assistance is always available in the mentioned timings. The knowledge provided is always apt and helpful proving it worthy to be a British Gas Customer.

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