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ASUS offers around the clock customer service support in UK to those who want to know more about Drivers, Firmware, and Software or any of their offerings. Customers can get in touch with us via phone, email, and live chat service. So, if the customer wants to call, they can get in touch with their customer support associates by dialing ASUS contact number UK . You can call ASUS Laptop Support from Monday to Friday and the timings are 09:00 – 17:00 (charged at 5pm from a BT Line). If you choose the option of email, first you have to make a selection from two categories – ASUS technical support and complaint that is given on official page of ASUS. You are required to mention your name, email ID, phone number, city and country. If you don’t have ASUS account, you can make one and the details are mentioned on the same page.

ASUS Customer Service

 01442 265548

In the competitive world of laptop, every company wants to see themselves at the top. But, there is one company which has made minimum efforts and they have attained immense popularity across the world – ASUS. The company has so much to offer including – laptops, mobile phones, gaming, peripheral, wearable & healthcare products, motherboards, tablets, and so on.

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About ASUS

Basic Asus Laptop issues

Top 3 ASUS laptops  –

Moving on to the option of email, ASUS offer you the support via ASUS Hotline or Mail also. Then you need to choose from Product Line which includes – AIO/Chromebox, Desktop/LCD, PAD, Mobile, Wearable, and Notebook. Make a selection from product support, product quality, repair, and warranty/extended warranty.

Asus Customer Service Number- Asus Contact Uk

About ASUS –

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. Wikipedia
ASUS UK Customer service: 01442 265548
Technical support: 00 886 2 7736 0456
Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
Stock price: 2357 (TPE) NT$279.50 -2.50 (-0.89%)
CEO: Jerry Shen (Jan 1, 2008–)

Started in 1989, with handful employees, today ASUS is a leading company with more than 12,000 employees. The products, manufactured by the company, covers all the areas of Information Technology that include – tablets, servers, computers, peripherals, etc. The company believes that the innovation is the key to the success and they make their best to challenge themselves in making path-breaking and innovative products.

The motherboards, manufactured by the company, are equipped with the latest features that give them the edge than the competitors.  Some of the best examples are – heatpipe cooling system, SupremeFX soundcard, and support for multi-GPU configuration. ASUS continuously aim for a unified 3C solution provider that can deliver innovations simplifying the lives of the consumers. The company has a passion for technology, owing to which they constantly make investments in research and development to stay abreast with the dynamic modern technology.

Along with R&D, they don’t want to compromise the quality, thus offering the best to their consumers. Whether it is the consumers, investors, shareholders, or media, they want to include they want to move along with their partners at all levels.

Basic Asus Laptop issues

I am not able to turn on my ASUS laptop?

If you are facing this situation, make sure you have done the following things –

Here, power light helps you to find why exactly you are not able to turn on your laptop. If the power light is ON, make sure you have referred to Solution Number 1 and in case the power light is OFF, refer to Solution Number 2.

Solution Number 1 – If you have found that the power light is on, this means that both the adapter and power cord are working fine, but the laptop does not boot owing to dysfunction of other key components.

  • Make sure you remove Li-ion battery and make sure you have directly used the power supply to charge.
  • Remove all the portable external devices like internet cable, CD-Rom, USB, HDMI, and memory card, etc.
  • Have you made any effort expanding the partition of memory or hard drive before the dysfunction? If your reply is in affirmation, then make sure you reset your device.

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Solution Number 2 – If the power light is off, it means that the power supplied to the adapter or to some of the key components might not be working properly and fails to boot.

  • Check whether the connector of the adapter is loose or not.
  • Check for any damage to the adapter cable, if you found any try changing the adapter.
  • Have a look at step C in Solution Number 1 to initiate the troubleshooting.

If you still didn’t found any permanent solution, make sure you dial ASUS customer service number

Is there an easy way to enter Safe Mode if I am not able to boot the system?

One of the troubleshooting methods for Windows is a safe mode that helps you to start your computer in a limited state. All the files and drivers that required running Windows get started. Safe mode can really prove useful in troubleshooting different issues with drivers and programs that might not be starting correctly or that is preventing Windows to start easily. In the case where the system is not able to load the required configuration more than two times, the system will direct the display to Windows RE i.e. Recovery Environment. Now, follow the below-discussed points –

  • On entering the Windows RE, you have to make a selection for the Troubleshoot.
  • Make a selection for Advanced Options.
  • Now, select Startup Settings.
  • Following that, you have to click Restart.
  • You have to make a selection for Enable Safe Mode in order to enter Safe Mode.
  • You will see Safe Mode appearing in the corner of your monitor that will help determine which Windows mode you are using.

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How can I use battery/adapter for ASUS notebook?

Following is the instructions for the adapter –

  • Make sure the adapter is not placed on the floor while it is in use. Keep the cable and leads away from the office chairs as it can easily damage them. It can also lead to short circuit or loose contact for the cable.
  • Make sure you have not misused varied adapters on different models. Plug in different sizes of connector can also cause damage.
  • Despite of the fact that the size of DC Jack is the same, make sure the spec of the adapter is also the same. Such misuse can also damage the laptop or the adapter.

What can be the problem when there is no power supplied from adapter?

  • Make sure you checked whether the connector of the adapter is loose or not or you can also try at different outlets.
  • Check for any damage to the adapter cable. If you found any, ensure that you have tried with another adapter.

Make sure you have followed the below-discussed steps –

  • Check whether the adapter is functioning normally. You can refer to the above content – “What can be the problem when there is no power supplied from adapter”?
  • If you can easily remove the Li-ion battery, try removing it one more time.
  • Believe that Li-ion battery cannot be charged because of the storage without use. It is advisable that this issue should be fixed via charging the battery for a longer duration in low current.

If you still face any issue, make sure you contact ASUS UK customer service helpline number .

Facing issues with the ASUS laptop, sound ?

If you are facing problems with sound in your ASUS laptop, you can refer to the following solutions –

Sound-related problems can be classified in three categories –

      The built-in speaker lost its functionality.

      The built-in microphone lost its functionality.

      Connected earphone lost its functionality.

The built-in speaker lost its functionality –

The speaker should be checked to see if they are being muted accidently.

  • You need to check the icon of volume that is located at the right bottom corner.
  • Make sure you have checked whether it is mute.
  • You can test by raising the volume.

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Make sure you have checked the speaker if they have been muted by mistake –

  • Click on the Start Menu, then Control Panel, and then Device Manager.
  • Check whether it gets appeared with an exclamation mark.
  • If there is, make sure you have downloaded the latest Audio driver from the official website of ASUS and then install it.

Checking the playback device –

  • Make a click on the Start Menu, then Control Panel, and then Sound.
  • Check the speaker; it should be set as default device. If it isn’t, click the right button of the mouse on the red square and choose the option of ‘Set as Default Device’.

If you have any doubt or query, you can ASUS contact number UK here.

Top 3 ASUS laptops  –

  • Asus ZenBook UX305CA
  • ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW
  • ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF

Let us discuss these models in detail –

Asus ZenBook UX305CA

Read Reviews.

– Two noticeable things that immediately catch your eye are its lightweight and slim design, so if you are always on the move, this model can be a perfect choice for you. The one another key element that, most of the readers, will like is that you don’t have to spend a fortune especially for a laptop with a 3K-resolution screen. With such a high-resolution display, it does influence the battery life but that is the only drawback that this laptop has. But, this one is by far one of the best Ultrabooks that the money can buy.

Starting from the basic, it has a 13-inch high-resolution 3200×1800-pixel screen, which is surely a treat to the eye. The trackpad and the keyboard feel solid. When it comes to audio part, the device uses ICEpower and Bang & Olufsen technology that helps you enjoy clear sound. It comes equipped with Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. The laptop does not have heating issues, even though it is being used for long hours. More information about this model can be gained when you contact ASUS technical support helpline.

ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW

– With its 15-inch screen, it comes with an aluminium chasis and weighs 5 pounds. Moving to the keyboard and touchpad, it offers a comfortable typing experience. Its 4 x 2.75-inch touchpad has a silver-matte finish that gives it an impressive look and it responses accurately and quickly. ZenBook Pro comes with a set of Bang & Olufsen speakers that offers quality and clear sound. It has three USB 3.0 ports. Zenbook Pro includes Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD that easily caters to your multimedia requirements.

If you like playing games then you will be pleased as its Nvidia 960M GPU with 2GB of vRAM will give an out of the world gaming experience. The battery life is impressive and it easily beats its competitors in this segment.

ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF

ASUS Transformer Book T100TAF is a combination of a laptop and a tablet. Don’t underestimate this model by its sheer size of ten-inch; behind the screen, the laptop packs a heavy configuration to fulfill your day to day requirements. It has a functional design but certainly not the prettiest of all. The screen can be easily detached and the screen can be easily used as a laptop. The keyboard is a privilege to type on and the keys are soft and rightly placed. The touchpad offers precise and consistent navigation.

It also manages to produce the sound that is loud enough. Seeing its size, it still comes with a couple of ports, there is a microUSB through which can be used for charging and data transferring. Along with this, you have a microSD card reader, a headphone jack, and a micro HDMI. Though it has 1.2 MP front facing camera, but it captures sharp and bright images. Even if you are sitting in a dark room, you can expect crisp and bright images. If you want more information about this model and other ASUS laptops, all you need is to Call ASUS tech support number given here.

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