Asda Customer Services Contact Number

Asda Customer Services Contact Number

You can contact Asda by phoning ASDA contact number 0800 952 6060 which is a direct connection to Asda direct customer services. Once you call up Asda customer services phone number you will be assisted by a virtual automated menu. Many customers do not like this menu but as per the company policy, this menu makes sure that the customer is linked up with the right department for his/her concern. Whenever a customer calls up Asda the automated menu links up all the services with respective numbers. All that one has to do is press the number that deals with their issue and you will then be assisted by their customer service executive.

ASDA Contact Number

0800 952 6060

Department Contact Number
ASDA Stores 0800 952 0101
Asda Travel Insurance 0800 138 2373
Asda Groceries 0800 952 6060
Asda Contact Lenses 0800 952 6060
Asda complaints 0800 952 6060
Asda home insurance 0800 479 8711
Asda car insurance 0333 222 4544

About ASDA

Being one of the most renowned supermarket chain in UK, Asda is owned by American supermarket giant walmart. Walmart is regarded as the biggest globalized venture all over the world with Tesco being its firm competitor, being UK’s largest and the world’s second biggest retailer. However Asda has maintained its position through several awards at its honour in being UK’s most sought after brand amongst super markets.

asda customer services contact numberTracing Asda’s Origin

Like every other global venture, Asda too developed through a group of farmers who worked and professed their own personal dairies which then became retail outlets, slowly developing into giant supermarkets all over the world. Ever since the pre war era, the commercialization stepped in making all the markets highly consumer oriented which were mostly influenced by the stepping in of American GEN supermarket group, modernising and evolving the core culture,Today Asda has various stores across Britain and works with the world famous brand Walmart for its access worldwide. To make itself much more compatible, Adda now indulges in developing smaller outlets to maintain its thrust over the leading supermarket giant Tesco.

Founded: February 19, 1949, Leeds

History of Asda

Asda Direct is the online retail mediation (a subsidiary of Walmart, America’s largest supermarket giant) Asda’s history dates back to the preliminary times of Yorkshire farms. Even though it guarantees full access, Asda Direct comes with a shorter history which was launched in October 2008 to sell every product of utility which the customer would need.The packers keep it in mind that the groceries are delivered well on time due to their perishable nature. Following the concept of modernity in diversity, Asda provides the best of the quality as early as possible so that the customer does not suffer.. If someone fails to enquire the , you must always the date it is being packed to ensure its safety.  

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Asda Customer services Number

0800 952 6060

With its diverse commitments Asda promises Groceries, clothing, electronics and also insurance banking! With over 3000 products to choose from there lies a huge variety of Groceries, Clothing, Electronics and home and garden products to choose from!

  • With Asda Groceries, one can sweep in the benefits of grocery shopping easily through your nearby store or you could even get it delivered at your premises. You can even look through your favourite wines and material.

  • With the most quick updates you can also don the trend through George clothing, exploring various clothing lines and products.

  • Asda Direct brings in the advantage of electronics and baby products through its easy purchase facility.

  • Asda Money deals in credit card, life insurance, car insurance, travel money, home insurance, travel insurance, breakdown cover, pet insurance etc.

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Setting up an Asda Account

To enjoy a wishful experience one has to create an Asda account for shopping. Asda account is easy to set up. Once entered the website, you will be asked to register where you will have to fill in your details and set up a username and password for yourself. Once you are done, you get a chance to avail an unlimited access to the thousands of listed products which also include the high end brands like Apple and Daewoo. For children there are toys and gaming consoles from Disney, Playstation, Nintendo etc.! You name it and they list it.

Fragrances include ones from David Beckham, Jean Paul Gaultier and makeup from Rimmel and Maybelline.

Asda also guarantees a one touch customer support to ensure full customer satisfaction. In case there is any product out of stock or on pre release one can call up ASDA CONTACT NUMBER  0800 952 6060 to get the order in check.

Asda Delivery Contact Number

You can call up  0800 952 6060 as Asda contact number for home delivery. Asda provides the facility of delivering to almost all the residential addresses of UK, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., all the seven days a week. Customers can also take an advantage of the free Click & Collect service which is a part of Asda Customer Care Services where the orders are customly prepared and dispatched in time to the store of their choice. Asda now charges a government authorized 5p charge for a bag at the store and 4p charge when purchasing online.


0800 952 6060

Asda Assures You..

With a guaranteed shopping experience, Asda assures its customers that while delivering the products to their premises, Asda always picks up products as if they were the respective customer. All the products to be delivered are hand picked with care and much supervision. Since groceries are perishable they make sure that they deliver them with the highest sustenance, making sure the date of expiry prolongs the date of manufacture.

Asda Customer Services

Asda is the leading super giant in supermarkets in UK delivering thousands of products from groceries, clothing, electronics to home decor and also financial services etc. The company also has to its number the ASDA Mobile, a leading mobile network which it operates through EE. To ensure full customer satisfaction, the company takes into account a huge customer service provision, which deal with the problems of the customer in the most careful manner as and when required. Asda has various customer services which can be reached through the various Asda direct customer care service numbers that they provide.

ASDA UK Customer Service Number, Toll Free Helpline

0800 952 6060


Customer Services Support through Asda’s Website

Asda now provides an internet support for its customers where they can be assisted by asda direct customer services through the click of a message. It is overall a very efficient idea of assistance since there can be times where the customer could fail to make a call or send an email. Depending on the customer’s support and comfort Asda provides a very consumer friendly service of instant messaging on their website.

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Where is Asda Located?

Asda has numerous stores worldwide. But to reach to its main office one can make their way to:

Asda address

Asda House,Great Wilson Street,Leeds,LS11 5AD.


ASDA UK Customer Service, Support and Complaints

0800 952 6060

As per the nature of your location, you may either be assisted by the local store or Asda Head Offices in UK. As a customer, you have to make sure that you choose the correct department to assist you.  Taking time and turning up the volume high to listen properly is always recommended.

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Already a registered customer?

In case you are already a customer with Asda, all you will have to do is dial  0800 952 6060 and reach to the automated menu and provide your reference number there along with your name and postal address.  Depending on your priorities you will be dealt carefully by the team ensuring you are delivered the best in no time.  If in any case you are not assisted by the right department our Asda customer service team will put you through the concerned department if you have followed all the instructions. In case of complaints, you can write to them through their website, phone them through Asda customer service phone number  0800 952 6060 or even contact through social media.

Other ways to get in touch with Asda Customer Services

For queries related to products and delivery it is always recommended to contact asda direct customer services through phone, but just in case you have an Asda store nearby, you can always relate your issues to their customer support team which will assist and guide you at their best. When it comes to the technical support pertaining to Asda mobile, you will have to reach up to their technical support you will have to dial  0800 952 6060

To reach Asda headquarter offices dial  0800 952 6060.

To contact Asda Groceries dial  0800 952 6060  as Asda direct contact number.

Frequently Asked Questions

For what all I can contact Asda?

Asda groceries customer services

0800 952 6060

You may like to contact for the following reasons:

  • Your products havent been delivered on time

  • There are some products missing

  • Damaged goods

  • Return queries

  • You didn’t receive discounts

How to deal in case of refunds?

You need to sign in your registered account—view your orders, Click on the product you want to return, state a reason and request a refund uptil 3 days of delivery.

There are some missing items in the order?

In case you have paid and not received the products the company will make sure to get your money refunded on time. Sign in to your account and click on the products not delivered.

Forgot your password?

Go to and click on ‘Forgotten password’ from the sign in drop down at the top of the page. Enter your email address and postal code you receive an email giving you your new details.

Options for Substitution

There are two ways available:

All together:

From Your Account >> Preferences>>>Click ‘Yes, bring me substitutions’ or ‘No, don’t bring me substitutions’.

Asda In Store Enquiries, Customer Service Contact Us

0800 952 6060

Order Cancelled?

In case of payment issues the company can cancel your order which can be revised through Orders>>Previous Orders>>Add to trolley. Book a delivery and check out.

Payment Details?

Log in >> Your Account >> Payment card section

How do I Return an item?

  1. View your orders and click on the most recent one.

  2. View details and request a refund

  3. Select the items and state the reason

How to cancel an order?

Click into your orders section and see the status of the order. If it has not been dispatched you can get it cancelled through asda customer services number  0800 952 6060. In case it has been dispatched you will have to refuse the delivery at the door.

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