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Need to get in touch with Vodafone Customer Service Urgently?

Got a question about your vodafone device, bundle or any of vodafone services and products? Would prefer to speak to someone from Vodafone customer service? Have a question regarding your Vodafone device, your current package or any of Vodafone products and services, contact Vodafone technical team. Call Vodafone customer service on 0844 385 1777 , this is a direct dial Vodafone contact number that connects you straight through to their help & support department. Vodafone UK Customer Care Number can be called from 9am – 5pm monday to friday, during open hours (8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days). note – this is the free phone number to contact Vodafone Customer Support Number landline.

 Vodafone Contact Number

0844 385 1777

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

What is Vodafone customer service number?

You can phone Vodafone team on their customer services number . Other phone number to contact Vodafone customer services is calling at free Vodafone contact number: 191. These numbers can only be availed by “Pay as you go” and “Pay monthly” customers. Vodafone customer service number: 0844 385 1777  will connect you to Vodafone customer care. Queries related to upgradation or cancellation of services can be resolved by calling 0844 385 1777  numbers to get in touch with Vodafone customer services department. To learn more about Vodafone services and products, this is a direct dial number that connects you straight to their customer service department. You can get assistance on this phone number: click here seven days a week. Call the vodafone customer service contact number for  from 8 am to 9 pm.

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CEO: Jeroen Hoencamp   –   Headquarters: Newbury    –   Founded: 1982    –   Parent organization: Vodafone

vodafone contact numberWhat Is Vodafone?

Official Website –  www.vodafone.co.uk

Vodafone is a telecommunication company headquartered in Berkshire, U.K. With around 19.5 million customers, Vodafone is the third largest mobile company in U.K.  Founded in 1982, Vodafone provides:

  • Internet Services.

  • Telecommunication Services.

The company now provides 4.5 G technology to people of U.K. With new customers becoming part of it everyday, Vodafone focusses on providing best customer support services to its subscribers. All Vodafone pay as you go & business Customers can contact Vodafone team on 0844 385 1777

Vodafone Customer Service

click here

vodafone customer service contact numberWhy Would You Need To Contact Vodafone Customer Support?

If you want to reach out to Vodafone team for your queries, call the Vodafone customer care number:click here. We have also shared some of the common problems you might face. Check the list below:

  • Internet not working.

  • Vodafone Sure Signal not working.

  • Unable to reset Sure Signal device.

  • Unlock Vodafone device.

  • Vodafone Sim not working.

  • Unable to activate Vodafone sim.

  • Current deals and offers.

  • And many more.

Get solution to these questions by calling the customer executive on Vodafone contact number: 0844 385 1777  . “Pay as you go” and “Pay monthly” customers can call on free vodafone number: 191.

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vodafone contact numberHow To Contact Vodafone UK Support Services ?

How To Contact Vodafone Customer Service ?

Easy and fastest way to contact Vodafone team is by calling the one and only customer service number:0844 385 1777. Call this number to know more about the latest Vodafone services and about best current deals, complaints. You can order Vodafone internet and home phone services as a standalone services. You will get a free router with your internet services. However, you have to return your device when you cancel your services with Vodafone. While moving home, you can transfer your services from old address to new one. Inform the company about relocation so that your services are transferred without any difficulty.

Call the free vodafone customer service free number:click here to inform the executive about relocation.

Monthly rental charges will be applied if you opt for home phone services. To know about different phone plans, contact Vodafone customer services team. There are free nights plans available to make free calls during night time. To schedule an installation, contact the Vodafone technical department.

How Can I Get Immediate Support From Vodafone?

To get assistance from the Vodafone support team, you can call customer care vodafone contact number 0844 385 1777. Visit the local Vodafone store, if your device is not working. Make sure you carry all the documents such as bill and warranty while visiting the store. If you do not know about your nearest Vodafone store, ask the representative on phone. Getting assistance from the customer services team is not a difficult task anymore. Having a problem with your device, give a call to Vodafone right away. Vodafone employees its customer services department overseas. Travelling abroad with your Vodafone services is not an anxious job anymore because now you can use your Vodafone services around 130 countries. If you are not in U.K then also you can use your Vodafone services to send text messages, browse  internet and many more. Before going abroad you can take advice from Vodafone advisor by calling on vodafone business customer service: 0844 385 1777

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Vodafone Contact Phone Number

0844 385 1777

Vodafone has structured its customer services in such a way that there is no middle or third party team while you contact them. Your call will directly go to Vodafone customer service department. If you want to subscribe Vodafone services or upgrade your smartphone. The best option is to call at Vodafone telephone number:click here. The advisor will guide which are the best options available to you as per your need.

What Is Vodafone UK Free Customer Service Number?

To call for any help regarding Vodafone services use the number:click here. General queries such as cancellation of the services, returning your internet router etc. all this can be solved by contacting Vodafone customer services. Besides phone, you can also contact the advisor via email or free live chat feature. For “pay monthly” and “pay as you go” customers, Vodafone has provided a free phone number: 191. People who are in abroad and want talk to a customer representative over the phone can contact Vodafone international phone number:  . International call rates will be applied by calling on this phone number. If you are thinking to subscribe Vodafone services and want to know about the plans and benefits offered by the company, then give a call to Vodafone sale service team on   The call charges will be 2p/minuter plus your phone company’s access charge.

vodafone customer care

Vodafone provides complete solution to its both business and residential customers, thus making it one of the biggest telecom companies in U.K. Business customers can access same customer services number as the residential customers. Whether you are a business customer or a residential customer, give a call on click here

Calling the above phone number will connect you to Vodafone customer service centre. Choose the option to connect to a specific department depending upon your query. Use the free phone number: 191 if you are a Vodafone “pay monthly” customer.

Vodafone Contact Number From Mobile

0844 385 1777

 For Device Support

If there is any technical issue with your Vodafone device, contact the technical team on Vodafone customer services number:  . You can also find this number on Vodafone device manual and warranty document. In order to get assistance online, visit “Help” section and select your device. You can select further options depending on the information you need. If the problem still persists, get in touch with the right person by calling on Vodafone customer service number:

How to reset my Vodafone “Sure Signal 2” device?

Resetting your Vodafone “Sure Signal 2” device can be done by following some  easy steps mentioned below:

  • Press and hold down “reset” button for thirty seconds.

  • After that release the button. You will see lights on your Sure signal device will flash in sequence.

  • Your device will be reset. It can take up to twenty four hours to setup depending on the speed of connection.

  • If the first and second light will go solid, it means Sure Signal device is working properly. Third light will go solid when your device is in use.

  • Call on Vodafone customer services number: 191, if your Sure Signal device is not working.

If you are facing issues while resetting your Sure Signal device, give a call on Vodafone customer service number:click here

How to get support from Vodafone if my Vodafone “Sure Signal” device is stolen?

If your Sure Signal device is stolen, inform the company about it as soon as possible. To inform Vodafone about it, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to your Vodafone account. Click My Vodafone.

  • Select your number and tap “Manage services”.

  • Go to “Sure Signal”> select your “device” that is stolen.

  • Select “Manage Sure Signal” and click on “Report Stolen”.

Visit Vodafone online shop to buy a new Sure Signal device.

You can inform Vodafone customer service representative about the stolen device as soon as possible. Give a call on Vodafone customer service team number: click here. What are the steps to enable voicemail on my Vodafone device?

 Vodafone Customer Care

0844 385 1777

Normally, voicemail is enabled by default on your Vodafone device. However if you want to divert unanswered calls to voicemail, then you will have to enable your diverts.

There are three ways to divert unanswered calls to voicemail:

METHOD 1: Dial “1211” on your Vodafone mobile and hear the instructions.

METHOD 2: Call on Vodafone automated service number: “121” and choose: “option 4”> “option 4” > “option 3”. No call charges will be applied if you are a “pay monthly” customer. However if you are a “pay as you go” customer or calling from U.K, standard charges will be applied.

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METHOD 3: Utilize “Settings” menu on your device: Check Vodafone guide pages to find step by step instructions for your device.

Unable to activate voicemail service, feel free to take assistance from Vodafone customer services team member. All you have to do is call on Vodafone phone number:click here

How can I get support from Vodafone customer service department?

To get support from Vodafone team, you can call Vodafone customer representative over the phone numbers mentioned below:

  • If calling from Vodafone mobile: Call Vodafone free phone number: “191” to get support from an expert.

  • If calling from landline or other phones: Call Vodafone phone number: to get help from customer representative. All your technical and general queries can be solved on this phone number.

  • If calling from abroad: If you are in abroad and want to get any technical assistance, call Vodafone international customer services number: click here International charges will be applied.

Vodafone customer service opening times

Timings to call this number are :Monday to Sunday- 8 am to 9 pm.

Need help with your Vodafone sim? Call Vodafone customer service ?  These are some of the common questions that come to your mind and you don’t know where to get its solution. You do not have to worry anymore as we have shared Vodafone contact number below. Calling on the number will help to get your query resolved. Speak to the technical team for any technical problem and contact the sales team for new deals and offers. All this by just calling on Vodafone telephone number: . Standard charges may be applied by calling on this number. However if you are Vodafone “Pay as you go” or “Pay monthly” customer, dial the free Vodafone customer service number: 191.

How can I setup my Vodafone Sure Signal device?

In order to set up Vodafone Sure Signal device, first you need to register your account with Vodafone on : My Vodafone.

After registering your account, follow the steps to set up your Sure Signal device:

  • Login to your Vodafone account.

  • Select your Vodafone number and select “Manage services”.

  • Go to “Sure Signal” > select “Register Sure Signal”.

  • You will require a list of numbers that you would like to connect to your Sure Signal.

  • After registering Sure Signal device online, plug in the device to mains.

  • It may take up to twenty four hours for your device to  connect.

You can add up to thirty two devices to your Sure Signal. At once you can use up to eight devices.

Use Vodafone contact number: to ask your problem regarding Vodafone Sure Signal device.6. What to do if my Sure Signal device is not working with my phone?

Vodafone Customer Service Number

0844 385 1777

If your phone is not working with Vodafone Sure Signal, check for the following conditions:

  • Check compatibility of your phone: Vodafone Sure Signal device is used for creating 3G signals, check whether your phone supports 3G network or not. If your phone is a 3G device but unable to pick up signal, visit  device help section. Select your device and go to “network” option and use your phone for both GSM and 3G connections.

  • s your sim card working properly?: Check your sim card is working properly or not by inserting into a different 3G phone. If the other phone is connecting to Sure Signal, there might be a problem with your phone.

  • Is your sim replaced?: If you have recently changed your sim card, it may take two hours for Sure signal to recognize it. If you still face any issue, contact Vodafone technical department on phone number:

  • Check if your number is registered on Sure Signal: To use Vodafone sure Signal device, you should register your number with Sure Signal device. You can check the number by logging in to your Vodafone account and go to “My Sure Signal” section. You will see a list of numbers on your account. If you’re number does not appear on the list. Click on “ Add user” button and enter new number.

If you are still unable to connect your phone with Sure Signal device, contact  technical team on  Vodafone phone number

vodafone contact numberHow can I unregister my Vodafone Sure Signal?

You can unregister your Sure Signal device by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to your Vodafone account by clicking on:  My Vodafone and select your Vodafone number.

  • Go to “Manage Services” > select “Sure Signal”.

  • Select your device which you want to unregister with Sure Signal.

  • Click on “Deregister Sure Signal” and unplug Sure Signal device from the mains.

Facing problem while de registering your Sure Signal device, talk to customer representative on Vodafone telephone number:

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