How To Fix Sky+Hd Box Error Code 30?

Sky+Hd Box Error Code 30

If you are getting error code 30 on your Sky Tv, HD box or sky plus, then try out the following methods to fix sky tv box technical fault 30.

METHOD 1: Software Update

It will take around five to ten minutes to download the software. In the meantime do not turn off your Sky+HD box or watch tv. To update the software, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

sky tv STEP 1:

Turn “off” your Sky+HD box and disconnect it from the mains supply.

sky hd box fault code 30

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sky tv STEP 2:

Turn “off” any other device that are connected to your Sky+HD box such as tv and also disconnect them from the mains supply.

sky box error code 30

sky tv STEP 3:

Make sure that the power light on the front panel of your Sky+HD box is “off” and ensure that other connected devices to the Sky+HD box are turned “off”.

sky error message 30

sky tv STEP 4:

Now push and depress the “backup” button on your Sky+HD box. Make sure you are not pressing the “backup” button on your Sky tv remote. The “backup” button is located on the top or at the front panel of Sky+HD box.

sky plus box technical fault 30

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sky tv STEP 5:

Continue pressing down the “backup” button on your Sky+HD box. Don’t release it even for the short time.

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sky plus technical fault 30

sky tv STEP 6:

Turn “on” your Sky+HD box from the mains and simultaneously you have to keep holding down the “backup” button.

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sky tv STEP 7:

Continue pressing down the “backup” button for at least thirty seconds, until all the four lights are illuminated on your Sky+HD box panel.

sky tv STEP 8:

Now release the “backup button and your Sky+HD box will go into the download mode.

sky tv STEP 9:

If all the lights are not illuminated on the panel, then you have to repeat the same steps above. If the problem still persists, double check the steps and try again.

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sky tv STEP 10:

Replug the other connected devices and turn them “on” such as your tv.

sky tv STEP 11:

You will get a message on your tv screen stating “Updating System Software On Your TV”.

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Updating System Software On Your TV

sky tv STEP 12:

The software download process will take up to 10 minutes to complete.  Do not use your Sky+HD box during the process.

sky tv STEP 13:

After the download process is completed, your Sky+HD box will turn “off” and the single red light will be illuminated on the box.

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sky tv STEP 14:

After three minutes, push the “sky” button on your Sky remote to turn on your Sky+HD box. A green light will be illuminated on the front panel of your Sky+HD box.

sky hd box technical fault 30

Use the Sky contact number to get in contact with the Sky customer services team to speak to a representative about your Sky TV, Sky Internet or Sky telephone services. The Sky customer Services team is operational between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week.

sky tv METHOD 2:

Check for anything that is hindering the line of sight of your Sky dish. Inspect for any visible damages on your Sky dish setup. Normally you have to check for any loose connection between your cables and Sky dish. If you find any loose connections on your Sky dish, contact the Sky customer services engineer to fix the problem.

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sky tv box technical fault 30


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