To speak to the Sky Box Office customer services representative, you need to give a call on the number mentioned above. This number can be called from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm on both weekdays and weekends. All your queries related to Sky Box office such as unable to order or rent a movie will be solved on the Sky box office phone number that is mentioned above.

Sky Box Office Number

03442 410 600

sky box office movie number

Call Sky To Order A Movie Or An Event

If you are going on a notice period to end the Sky Tv services, then also you can order one rental movie from Sky Store and buy one from the store. However it will not include any Premium Sporting Box Office programmes. If you purchase any item, it will be added onto your next Sky bill.

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To order a Sky Box Office movie, call at the phone numbers mentioned below:

  • Calling from UK: If you are residing in UK, then you can give a call on Sky contact number: 03442 410 600.

  • Calling from Republic of Ireland: If you are a resident of Ireland, then you can drop a call on Sky customer services phone number: 0818 220 223.

To order a Sky Sports Box Office Event, give a call at the following contact numbers:

  • Calling from UK: People living in UK, can use the phone number: 03442 410 888.

  • Calling from Republic of Ireland: Users residing in Republic of Ireland, can  call on the phone number: 0818 220 225.

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Sky Movies Box Office

Sky movies box office is a pay per view programme in which you can watch your favourite and latest movies online. The most quickest and easy way to order your favourite movie from box office is via Sky remote. To order movies, make sure you have your box connected with your broadband. If the Sky box is not connected to an active broadband connection, you will need to connect it with an active phone line.

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History Of Sky Box Office

At the time of its launching in 1996, mainly sporting events were shown on Sky Box Office. Earlier the events were used to be ordered via phone. If it was ordered on the day of broadcast, then the users were charged £14.95 and if someone orders it in advance, they had to pay  £9.99. In the year four dedicated Sky Box Office channels were launched on Sky Analogue. In the year 2011, Sky Box office name changed to Sky Movies Box Office for movies and for sports, it was named as Sky Sports Box Office.

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Order Movie From Your Sky Remote

As mentioned earlier, that the easiest way to order movies is by using the Sky remote To order your favourite movies, kindly follow the steps given below:

  • On your Sky tv remote, press the “box office” button.

  • With the help of right arrow button, navigate to the “Box Office” option.

  • After highlighting the “Box office”, press the “select” button on your tv remote.

  • Use the “left/right” arrow buttons to highlight the chosen category and after that press on “select” button.

  • Press down the “select” button after highlighting the movie or an event that you would like to book.

  • You can also record the movie or an event on your compatible Sky+ or Sky+HD box. To record the event, press the “R” button located on your Sky tv remote.

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  • A message will appear on the screen stating “Checking purchase information”.

  • You will get a confirmation message once the item is purchased from the Box Office.

  • After that you need to type in your Sky Tv PIN.

  • To add the movie or an event on your Sky Planner, simply press the “select’ button and it will be added.

  • To go back to the normal viewing, press the “sky” button on your remote.

sky box office - rent or buy a movie or event

Rent Movies From Sky Store

Now you can easily rent your favourite movies or programmes from the official Sky Store. To rent movies from Sky Store, you need to make sure that your Sky+HD box is connected to your home broadband connection. With Sky Store, you can watch your favourite movies at any point of time. To rent movies from Sky Store, kindly follow the steps given below:

  • Press the “tv guide” button located on your Sky remote.

  • Highlight the “Sky Store” option by using the arrows keys.

  • Press the “select” button to search the movie you want to rent from Sky Store.

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Buying A Box Office Event

Now you can easily buy a Box Office event on your Sky Q box. To do that perform the following simple steps on your Sky Q remote:

  • On your Sky Q remote, press the “Home” button and then choose the option “TV Guide”.

  • After selecting “TV Guide”, proceed to “Box office” option.

  • After selecting the event, you have to enter your Sky TV PIN to access it.

By pressing the “R” button on your Sky Q remote, you can also buy a Box Office event.

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