EE Customer Service Contact Number

EE Contact Number

By calling EE contact number 0844 381 22200 you can access an easy conversation with any of the executives of ee customer service, to be helped and assisted with the problems you have been facing. EE customer services makes sure that the customers are always at ease and never face a situation where anything remains unsorted. Also, you may take note of EE contact number from mobile

EE Customer Service

0844 381 22200

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

ee customer service

EE Contact Number – Freephone

About EE

EE, known as Everything Everywhere,  is  UK’s giant operator in Telecommunication industry,  which provides both phone and internet facilities. Keeping Customer service as their main agenda EE has always fostered to increase and develop their services to expand their horizons in the telecom establishment.

Headquarters: Hatfield
CEO: Marc Allera

Originated in 2010 as a fair partnership between Telekom and Orange S.A., is UK’s one of the biggest mobile carriers with more than 28 million numbers being operated with the largest 4G network in the country of Europe.

They took over Britiain’s largest network, following the mergers T-Mobile and Orange in the UK. Being the largest supporter of 4G LTE in the UK, EE has been evolving over years, expanding their services over and over to home broadband and car Wifi. With the largest number of stores operating in UK, i.e. almost 590 EE retail stores in the United Kingdom. They foster to grow additional stores in London and scotland by the end of 2016. EE thus, is a new venture that has started after the merging of two telecom giants i.e. T-mobile and orange.  They have two renowned companies in the U.K. but in order to expand and evolve they merged into one providing a wider coverage.

EE Phone Number

0844 381 22200

Calls cost £0.7 per minute plus your providers access charge. You must be at least 18 years of age and be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission to use this service. We are not affiliated with this or any other company listed on this website

ee contact number

How To Get In Touch With EE Customer service ?

EE is known for its telecom services and its provision of the mobile network to millions of people across Europe. It offers a range of services for your phone to keep the customer at ease. These services include monthly tariffs, pay as you go deals, SIM only deals and deals for the handsets. Apart from this EE provides a wide selection of network packs and tariffs for the customers to choose from ranging from broadband packages and mobile broadband so that the customers avail full benefits of 4G network on their respective gadgets and can process it wherever they are.

EE is by far the largest mobile network company operating in UK  which avails 4G network to its customers with the fastest speed possible and a promise of consistency. To provide extra advantages EE also provides privileges to its customers where they can get 2 cinema tickets for the price of 1 at the participating cinemas.

How to avail EE Broadband Customer Services?

Call up EE customer service number 0844 381 22200. Being a super giant in the telecom market, EE is the most acknowledged brand for its internet and 4G services. Availing EE customer services is easy, the company provides various methods for its customers to do so relying solely on their comfort. With a provision of almost 600 stores in UK, where you can get help regarding a new subscription and all the details for the services provided by EE. Also, EE provides an online forum for their EE customers where they can contact the technical department regarding their issues and can also ring EE customer services on 0844 381 22200. Also, EE broadband customer service number is 0844 381 22200.

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Head office of EE

EE has its settlement in Hatfield, United Kingdom and its main head office is located in

  • London
  • Bristol
  • North Tyneside
  • Leeds
  • Darlington

EE as an added venture also provides IPTV service through their EE TV Box. Also, the BT Group has announced its regulation to take over EE for 12.5 billion dollars, depending on their further implications.

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EE Broadband Customer Service

0844 381 22200

ee customer service

EE Contact Information:

Website: Go Here



Hatfield Business Park,


AL10 9BW

How to Contact EE?

Whenever you want to Contact EE customer service phone number dial 0844 381 22200, which is also provided on their website. The customer care services are quite reliable as the customer is straight away attended by an executive, meaning one does not have to waste time dealing with the other sources. One must keep it in mind that while they contact EE customer care services they must know that in case of help EE tries to provide it right away. EE customer service number free is 0844 381 22200.

Whenever customers try and connect to EE, they will be connected to an automated menu that would assist and guide the caller to choose the option which could be best suited to their need. EE services understand how important it is to serve their customers and hence try to make them choose the most relevant menu. There are other ways too through which EE gives in to understand their customers  better—gathering data  for email correspondence through customer feedback forms, being one effective way to judge what their customers what would be wanting. While some customers may find it frustrating to be attended by an automated menu, it is always important for the company to take in hand customer’s grievances for the right department to choose from. It is important to remember that while this is a direct dial number through to the EE customer support department, Contact Telephone Numbers have no affiliation with EE and therefore cannot be any of assistance to their customers. EE will most likely record all the calls in order to use the data for training and monitoring purposes. EE customer service number from mobile is 0844 381 22200

Contact EE broadband customer service

The customers belonging to Everything Everywhere can now connect Orange and T-mobile, now taken over by EE. Being the first carrier to launch 4G services in UK, EE now has become the largest mobile phone service provider in Europe with millions of customers.

If you require any assistance regarding the problems with broadband and EE services then you must contact the EE service executives. They make sure the Problems with Broadband connections and slow speeds are efficiently fixed by a re-boot of the router or switching the phone on and off may help an access to get rid of the problems. You can also browse through the EE website and register to the help section  help where you can find additional information or call EE customer care on 0844 381 22200

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In case you face troubles or issues with a handset or you suspect there might be a network coverage problem, turning your device off and on may help. But if that does not resolve the issue you can always contact EE customer service to look for solutions for your further problems.  You may contact EE home broadband customer services on 0844 381 22200

Internet, Broadband & EE Fibre Broadband Services

For EE’s latest Broadband offers or in case of any help with your current broadband internet, be it for your home or mobile phone then you may contact EE sales team on 0844 381 22200. In case you register problems with your 3G, 4G connection speeds, your email settings, your router settings or your fibre broadband connection then call EE customer services to get to the root of the issue.

EE can provide Fibre Broadband services to over 85% of locations across the Uk. EE Fibre Broadband is provided to customers that are within a Fibre Broadband (Fibre to the Cabinet / FTTC) enabled exchange or area.

Ranging speeds of up to 76mb, contact EE to find out if you are in a suitable area. EE can provide

  • Fibre up to 38mb
  • Fibre up to 76mb

At times when there comes a situation where we are not in suitable area for Fibre Broadband then EE provides you with standard ADSL Broadband. ADSL Broadband can deliver speeds of up to 17mb. If you require faster speeds, then contact EE customer services to find out if your area can receive better speeds on 4G. Contact EE customer service to find out more information. ee contact number from mobile is 0844 381 22200.

EE broadband contact number


Can I get EE Broadband or EE Fibre Broadband?

To enquire about the availability you can visit the EE website and go to the availability checker to check what you can receive from EE. In case you already have an existing service with another provider, then EE can always help port your services from some other provider to EE.

Why can’t I get Fibre Broadband?

BT Fibre Broadband also known as FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) is being rolled out across the UK by BT Openreach. BT are enabling exchanges across UK and thus they have coverage of  a large majority from UK. If your local exchange has not been enabled then you cannot receive Fibre Broadband until it is enabled. You can go to the BT Openreach superfast broadband page here to find out more about the requisite.

What speeds can I expect on Broadband from EE?

  • EE Broadband average speeds are upto 17Mb/sec
  • EE Fibre average speeds are upto 76Mb/sec

Is EE’s service really unlimited?

Yes when chosen an unlimited plan option – its completely unlimited.

How do I switch over to EE Broadband?

Contact EE and they will advise the simplest process and also look after the rest process for you. Call EE customer services 0844 381 22200

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