DVLA License Check Guide To View & Track Driving Licence


Are you looking to track your driving licence application?

Before you make a start, there are few things you need to have such as –

  • You need to have your Government Gateway ID and password.
  • In case you don’t remember your Government Gateway ID or password, you can make a request for the new ones.
  • You will receive your driving licence within a week of completing the online application.

In addition to having the vehicle’s make and registration number, there are other things you need to check at DVLA official website to find out more about tracking your driving licence application. When you visit their official website, you have the access to the following information –

  • CO2 emissions.
  • The date on which the vehicle got registered.
  • When will the vehicle tax expire.
  • SORN status.
  • When will the vehicle’s MOT expire.
  • Vehicle’s year of manufacture.
  • What is the current vehicle tax rate.
  • Colour of the vehicle.
  • The size of the vehicle’s engine.

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How to view and share your DVLA driving licence information?

This service can also be used to –

  • Generate a licence check code that further helps you to share your driving record with someone, let’s say your car hire company.
  • Have a look at your driving record, for example the vehicles you can drive.
  • Confirm the penalty points or disqualifications.

Make sure you know that the check code is only valid for 21 days.

You will need –

  • The postcode mentioned on your driving licence.
  • Your driving licence number.
  • Your National Insurance number.

You won’t be able to use this service –

  • If your licence was issued outside Scotland, England, and Wales.
  • To verify the progress of a licence application.

It is against the law to have the personal information of someone else without consent. Share Driving Licence service is now available on GOV.UK

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What is a DVLA check code?

What is the DVLA contact number?

To contact dvla about driving licence enquiries simple call the dvla contact number to get in touch with dvla customer support department.


What are the things you should know about licence checking?

On February 1, new guidelines were made regarding the importance of good health and safety management. As per new guidelines, if a company is having a turnover of over £50m and that company has not followed health and safety management norms, the company can be fined up to £10m for this offence.

One of the important parts of the health and safety policy is regular checking of the driving licences of all the drivers who drive the company’s vehicles. These drivers should be checked for their eligibility to drive the class of the vehicle they have been provided.

However, as per the new research of RAC Insurance, near about 13% of the drivers would inform their employers regarding getting penalty while driving. The survey also found that 18% of the drivers would not share with their insurer regarding the acquiring of the penalty points while driving. In addition, the survey also suggested that 25% of the motorists already had penalty points and they didn’t inform their organisation about it. The implications of not sharing the penalty points are serious and in some cases police can levy heavy penalties as well.

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The employers will be held accountable as why their employees were allowed to drive the company’s vehicle when they were not having a valid licence. The best solution is to use an automated system to check the licence.

10 facts you should know about the DVLA licence check –

  • It will be considered as an offence if a company allows an employee to drive the company’s vehicle without a valid licence. As per Health and Safety Executive’s Guide, it is the responsibility of the employers to keep a check on the driver’s competency, capability and inquiring the drivers about the validity of their licence while recruiting them.
  • As the penalty points can accumulate quickly, the driving licences should be thoroughly checked at least once in a year. Some organisations have even applied a scale, for instance all those drivers who are only three points away from losing out their licence should be checked frequently as compared to those with no or few points.
  • The employers can also use the official website https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence in order to have a one-off check on a licence.
  • In order to gain the information, the employer may try to have the access to the employee’s National Insurance Number. However, this should be averted as this move will be taken as the breach of the data protection requirements of DVLA. The information should only be accessed with the driver’s consent.
  • All licence checking can now be done online and the companies will no longer have to undergo issues such as licence renewal, verification, and endorsement of the new licences.
  • However, the administration engaged in checking the licence can take extra time, especially seeing the huge number of vehicles. Seeing the critical nature of these checks, most of the companies take the assistance of a professional external company for their licence checking.
  • A professional and licenced checking agency will surely come handy in the whole checking process, especially when the numbers of cars are more.
  • A good licence checking agency will fulfill the health and safety guidelines regarding the licence checking process. Once the drivers are set up, then the whole process is automatic, this will make the things easier and convenient. This will considerably reduce the risk element to your business along with that it will also bring down the administrative burden of the checking the licences.

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