5 Useful Sky+HD box Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Sky+HD box Tips

 Are you a Sky customer? Do you have Sky  Tv services? We are asking these questions because we are going to share some exciting tips and tricks related to your Sky+HD box. If your answer is yes, then kindly read the article to its finish point. On this site, you

How To Fix Problems Watching Recorded Programmes On Some White Sky+ Boxes?

If you are using a white Sky+ box at you home, then you may be facing problems while watching recorded programmes on your Sky Tv. This problem mostly occurs when the other recording is also in the progress. You may find that your picture gets frozen or there is problem

What Causes Poor Sky Digital Picture Quality?

Poor Sky Digital Picture Quality

If you are having poor picture quality on your Sky tv, then it may be due to the following reasons: REASON 1: If you are using a passive aerial splitters without any proper distribution amplifier to feed the Sky digibox UHF signal. Then it will lead to a poor quality of picture

How To Fix My Sky+Box “Not Recording” Problems?

Sky+box “not recording” problem

Some of the most frequently seen customer queries online are: Sky Hd Box Has Stopped Recording, Sky Tv Recording Problems, Recordings Failed, My Sky Hd Box Will Not Record, Hd Plus Box Not Recording, Sky Plus Box Not Recording, Sky+ Box Will Not Record, Sky Hd Box Not Allowing Me To Record, Sky Box Not Recording Blue Screen Unable to

How To Fix Sky+Hd Box Error Code 30?

Sky+Hd Box Error Code 30

If you are getting error code 30 on your Sky Tv, HD box or sky plus, then try out the following methods to fix sky tv box technical fault 30. METHOD 1: Software Update It will take around five to ten minutes to download the software. In the meantime do not turn

John Lewis Customer Service

John Lewis Customer Service

Use the John Lewis contact number to get in contact with the John Lewis customer services team to speak to a representative. John Lewis customer support team is operational between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week. the John Lewis customer service number is rather busy after the hours of

How To Connect Android Phone To Sky Wireless Broadband Network?

sky broadband set up android phone

Connecting your Android device to Sky wireless network is not a difficult job anymore. Follow the below steps to get your device connected to your Sky wireless broadband network: STEP 1: Click on the “Apps” icon on your Android device. You will find this option on your phone’s home screen. Also Read -

How To Reset Sky Broadband Router Password?

How To Reset Sky Broadband Router Password

Resetting password for your Sky Broadband router will just take few minutes. All you have to do is follow some easy steps that are mentioned below: STEP 1: Go to website: to visit the Sky router login page. Fill in the login details to access Sky router settings. Enter “admin” in

How To Delete Sky+ HD Box Planner Recordings?

Deleting your Sky+ HD Box planner recordings can be done by following the steps mentioned below: STEP 1: In order to delete a Single recording: Choose the programme which you want to delete from the planner by using the “up/down” arrow buttons on your Sky Tv remote. Once the programme is highlighted,