BT Customer Services Contact Number

BT Customer Services Contact Number

By dialing contact number for BT 08443851600 which serves as BT contact number for BT customer services, BT provides a direct connection to its customer service team. As we dial this number we are attended to through BT customer services contact number, by an automated menu which serves as a virtual executive to help us sort our way to the correct department to relate to our query. Though this automated menu might seem a little time consuming, but this helps the executives same time and rather devote it in solving the respective queries.

BT Contact Number


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BT Customer Services (Freephone)

How to contact BT?

Whenever it comes to speed and mobility in this hyper-mediated era, telecommunication has always been the key discovery to it. If we adhere to UK for its tele services, BT Company has retained its position over years as one of the largest ventures to be happened in UK, with its headquarters in London. Maintaining a wide infrastructure, BT Company explores its credibility by offering various services which includes Broadband internet, Television and Phone. If we ever list their contributions, they would fore mostly include operations in 170 countries, jobs for over 87000 people. Also, due to its widespread operations, BT by 2020 fosters to deliver super fast Broadband internet to a far fetched target of homes catering to almost 10 million people.


BT Customer Services Contact Number

With its wide consumer interface BT provides a very broad and efficient BT contact and consumer service facility ensuring proper utility and hence availing consistent investment and training of executives through a chain of call centres present in UK and other countries too. Moreover, to enhance the quality of customer response BT has tried investing exorbitant amounts, resulting a huge positive feedback after the year 2010.

Is it important to have some information before the call?

To contact BT customer service telephone number try calling up BT contact phone number which caters to two different kinds of customers. One, which have already been registered, possessing a unique agreement number and the other which serves as a guest. To help the executives know what we desire, it’s very important for them to know about all the past information with the company. In case, we do not possess this agreement number, our identity would first be confirmed by the customer care representative by either confirming the address our bank details.

Why should you prefer BT?

BT enjoys a tremendous Goodwill due to its efficient existence throughout the past. With its large user interface BT explores a competitive thrust over all the leading telecommunication companies in the market. Having annexed EE, UK’s largest mobile network, BT is a tough competitor in terms of both landline and mobile telecom services. It has collaborated not just with the private firms but also government, making it even more widespread with its services, catering not just the professional but also the personal use.

BT Customer Services


BT Contact Number

What adds to its goodwill score?

To jettison the prior existing facilities of the state, British Telecom (BT) originated in the 1980s and ever since then has been expanding its horizons to its best, providing a range of facilities like the television, mobile and internet packages with ultra modern services. From the landline, uptil the internet BT has helped doing away with all the traditional ideas of telecommunication.

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Where is BT located?

Headquartered at BT Centre, a 10-storey building in the City of London; the company has an incredible city-centre based towers depicting the global spectrum in terms of technological development and modernity subsuming various competitors in the market.

What are BT’s branches?

  • Besides mobile services, BT’s main branch includes services relating to a fibre-optic broadband at different available speed tiers.

  • British Telecom (BT) Television which delivers a wide range of channels on consumer demand facilities, giving special adherence to the affordability and utility.

  • BT Infinity, an extension for the most useful and efficient ultra fast broadband service with facilities availed by more than 80,000 customers both in UK and abroad.

What is BT Wifi?

BT ‘WiFi’ is a wireless broadband service which can be availed at various stations through numerous hotspots available. This facility is available on public areas like hotels, airports, stations, libraries etc and can be connected to with one touch of a button! As an added facility, you can even access WiFi in case you use the broadband service already but if you do not you will definitely have to purchase a voucher to access the WiFi available across 50,000 stations across Ireland, UK and abroad.

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Contact BT Broadband Support



History behind BT?

British Telecom has been registered as the oldest telecom service provider since decades in UK and abroad.It’s history can be traced back to the most subverted times during Queen Victoria’s rule when the government unions owned the state and there were no facilities available privately to the public. With the coming of BT the horizons have expanded and technology has usurped the grounds of being confined. The customers now enjoy a door to door service as well as assistance as and when required. Also, Market has flourished as BT shares a very recognised position in FTSE stock exchange. With the immense goodwill it has been earning, BT seems to be ideally the most acknowledged telecommunication provider even in the decades to come.

BT openreach?

Bt openreach is the sole provider for pipes and cables that help connect the telecommunication services from one household to another. Ventured in 2006, though an agreement with UK’s telecom regulator Ofcom, BT Group has always ensured equality and the quality of distribution.

BT broadband Contact Number

Contact Numbers to get in touch with BT Consumer Support:

To directly contact BT broadband customer service dial 08443851600. To get through the BT customer service free phone number dial 08443851600. This is the direct number to all the customer helpline departments. To refer to BT broadband contact number dial 08443851600 State in your enquiries and feel at ease with the efficient response you receive in return.To make it easier try dialing BT customer service from mobile 08443851600. BT customer service lists  all the numbers on their website for direct assistance and also make sure the customer does not have to incur any exorbitant charges for making the call. All the BT contact numbers stated are easily identifiable and also identical and link up straight to the concerned departments ensuring no loss of time.

Aims of the Customer service facility:

Due to its rigorous development, BT through its customer services number and bt customer service phone number from mobile, tries to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing the best of consultants to see to all the complaints, regardless of the matter and the issue. Even if the issue scales around cancellation, the company always fosters for a valuable consumer feedback.This policy similarly implies to those wanting to change, add or remove any provided facilities. BT therefore has specialized departments for its various telecommunication services, all having a different set of executives to adhere to. Their consultancy services are hence regularly monitored and kept in check.

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Friendly ways to contact BT?

Be it a current customer or a potential customer, BT customer services telephone number can be reached through its customer service department by phoning BT contact number from mobile 08443851600.

To contact BT customer services regarding queries for all the discrepancies relating to general data, complaints, billing, change of address,  the easiest way to be reached BT contact number for free is 08443851600.

BT contact phone number takes under consideration, issues of all the branches worldwide i.e. BT Infinity (Broadband), BT’s Vision (Television) and BT’s landline service, for queries and issues to be put under scrutiny under BT contact which is checked by the specialized team of the customer service representatives time to time facilitating calls around the clock–24×7 but with limited availability outside the scheduled office hours.

For those interested in keyboard-based correspondence, BT contact also offers Live Chat service online during extended office hours via this hosted webpage:

Various BT Services

BT contact caters to the useful provision of BT contact numbers as its foremost forte! One can always connect whenever they feel the need to know something that may require urgent attention. The website however, caters to a lot of help under the section BT enquiry to enhance the whole consumer’s experience.They understand that At times, it is also easy to connect online, when certain representatives might be busy taking queries on the telephone. But since they know the services are important, they definitely connect back even when the query goes online.This includes:

  • A frequently asked questions window is always available on the website where you need not even repeat your questions if they have been looked after already.

  • You can always converse through a chat window and receive assistance virtually.

Their Aim

BT provides a huge interface for services easily available to the consumers.It aims at a positive customer response through all the possible ways for the company to stick to its aim of delivering happiness and satisfaction. With a dedicated team at customer’s service BT possibly tries the best to create an edge over telecommunication in the market. With various contact numbers provided, BT launches a direct response system where the customer at once does land up in the automated zone but then is guided to the appropriate service executive. Dialing 08443851600 is always direct and easy. With a quality based consumer response, The company aims at hiring people who can guarantee back the customer’s response and knowledge in the best possible manner.

Thus, BT is a trans-cultural magnificent telecommunication company which sways with the best making almost everything available to its customers in the most dedicated and efficient manner.

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