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So, you have planned a getaway with your family members this Christmas? If your reply is in affirmation then choose to book an accommodation online. In order to do so, you can dial the customer service contact number 0203 564 6725 to get in touch with the customer support executive who will be helping you with your booking. contact number

0203 564 6725

What is reservation number?

If you have any query related to booking an accommodation online, the booking contact phone number is 0203 564 6725. You will be assisted by one of the customer service executives who will help you out in making the reservations. The customer support staff is well-versed and will listen to all your queries and will offer an apt solution for it.

How to contact

If you have any query, suggestion, or doubt, you can contact the customer support team by dialing the above-mentioned number, you can also send your queries through fax as well. If you want to send an email, the address is If you are interested in sending your queries via post, the postal address is – B.V.


597 1017 CE



Is it possible to cancel or change my reservation through

Yes, you can. The whole process of changing or cancellation is quite simple. All you need it sign in to your account. In the event, you don’t have an account; you can create one without a hassle. Make sure you have checked the cancellation policy of the property prior to making any type of changes to your booking. For non-cancellation rooms and various other exclusive deals, the cancellation policies can vary.

How can I have the information about the rooms and hotel facilities?

If you are looking for room facilities, they are aptly mentioned under each room type for your convenience. If you are looking to have a look at the list and the photos, all you need is to click on the room type you are interested in. The hotel facilities are mentioned under the section of ‘Hotel Facilities’. You can have a detailed information about the hotel facilities and the rooms through the contact number 0203 564 6725.

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What is the best way to solve your queries?

The best way to have your queries resolved quickly is to get in touch with the customer service department over the phone. All you need is to dial 0203 564 6725 to have a word with one of the customer support executives and they will help you out with your queries.

Following are some of the key benefits of using phone services over other methods –

  • Can be easily accessed during the standard working hours as well.
  • Contact number can also be remembered easily.
  • It also has easy access for the international consumers.
  • Your hotel room bookings can be easily booked and cancelled.

How the bookings get confirmed?

When you have done your booking, you will see a confirmation page. This page will carry all your booking details like reservation details including your booking number and pin code. In addition, you will also get an email to your registered email address carrying all the booking details. After all this, if you still have some doubt or query, you can always dial customer service contact number 0203 564 6725 to get your queries resolved. You can rest assured you will have all the details and information related to your booking without wasting your precious time.

How can I locate the cancellation policy of the hotel?

The information related to the room cancellation is mentioned under the column of Conditions. Make sure you are aware of the fact that the special deals, deposit policy or the cancellation is different from the normal policy, so make sure you have checked both. The information related to your booking will be included in your confirmation as well.

What is my PIN code and where can I find it?

Your booking confirmation will have your Pin Code i.e. of four digit number. Along with your booking number and the Pin Code, you can easily sign in to your You can easily cancel or change your bookings on this page. It is important you have kept the pin code confidential. If you are having a tough time getting Pin Code, all you need is to dial the customer support number 0203 564 6725. The customer care executive will take your call and will help you with your Pin Code and related issues.

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Which credit cards can be used for making reservations?

The majority of the hotels through accept both Visa Card and Master Card. Now, you can also make your reservation using American Express Cards. You can also have a look at the section of hotel policies to see which credit cards are accepted by which hotel. If you want to know more about which credit card is used for making the reservation, you can also get help over the phone by contacting the customer support number 0203 564 6725.

Is it possible to make the payment for the stay in advance?

This entirely depends on the hotel to hotel. Make sure you contact the hotel to be sure and for making the required arrangements.

Is it possible to make the bookings using someone else’s credit card?

Yes, the booking can be made but the credit card holder should be willing to do it. There is a requirement to mention this in the ‘Remarks’ section while you are making your reservation. The hotel may need an authorisation from the card holder as well. If you still have some doubts or queries, you can always get in touch with the customer support team by dialing 0203 564 6725 who will guide you and will make you aware of all the details you need.

What is the contact information for the property?

If you have a query related to the property before making your booking, make sure you have checked it under the policies and facilities of that particular property on their website. If you still have some doubts, reach out to the customer support team by dialing 0203 564 6725. Once you have made your bookings, you will have the contact details of the property in your online booking confirmation.

Will there be charges for ordering an extra bed in my room?

If you want any information regarding ordering an extra bed, make sure you have gone through the hotel policies. Make sure you know that you will have to pay additional changes if it is not included in your reservation. You can have additional information by contacting customer service on 0203 564 6725. You can rest assured that your every query gets handled smartly and a prompt solution is provided then and there.

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